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Mayhem’s Home Town – Music from York – local lock-down releases 1 June 14, 2020

My adopted home city of York has been a hot bed of great music since I first moved here in 2007 and the York music force remains strong. So I thought that I would take this opportunity to highlight just a small handful of the great musical talent that this fantastic city has to offer. Focusing on three releases that have happened very recently during these strange lock down days.

First up are a York band that are destined for huge success, I am confident that eventually this lot will play arenas. I am talking of the Howl And The Hum who recently released their first album ‘Human Contact’ and is arguably one of the best debut albums of the 21st century so far. These boys have earned their chops the hard way through open mic nights and busking. If you haven’t heard them yet then you need to catch up really quickly. As a taster take a listen to their latest release below. It is an alternative live version of “Hostages” from their new album.

Perspex refer to themselves as “the plastic band for the decadent listener”, somehow I doubt if I can conjure up a better way to describe them. The band’s first release of 2020, “A Horse Named Useless” is a lo-fi weirdfest which has a delightful melody and contrasts that with a line about wanking off horses. Warped, wonderful, weird, wacky and worthy of a long listen.

Finally talented young York singer-songwriter Jacob Clayton released his first single “Inside Our Minds” last month. It is a chilled, yet emotional, folky track which feels reflective enough for these strange days. It is hard to judge an artist on one song, but frankly “Inside Our Minds” makes me want to hear more from him.

This site has posted about many York acts over the years and long may that continue. If any York musicians, bands, singers want to be featured here send me a message. Obviously we will still continue to include acts from all over the world, but I feel that a focus on our local scene is well worth it in these strange times!

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