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“Over It” – Alleyways June 18, 2020

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Leeds/ York based indie pop funsters Alleyways are back with a tune so banging that it could be measured in megatons. The funky Billy Whizz guitar licks are reminiscent of Haircut 100. The tune is “Over It” and given the pop perfection, the funky booming bass beat, righteous riffing, superb synth sounds and divine drums you won’t get over it quickly. This song is an immense earworm that will latch itself onto you so tight that you will need to have it surgically removed. Although frankly it is so good, save the NHS and forgo the earworm removal! Plus it will keep you dancing so you would not be able to stay still long enough for a safe operation anyway.

Frontman Dougie Turner has said this about “Over It” – “I feel this song captures the energy we had whilst writing it, and the meaning behind this track is something very important to us. We are a generation living our lives online, so it is crucial that we don’t regress socially. Now more than ever is a time we need to be reminded that community and connection in the real world is what drives us and ties us together. I’m also in love with the positivity that comes off this track, the energy it has from start to finish and that classic ALLEYWAYS sound that will get everyone moving.” If you have missed out on this great band up to now, it’s not too late, but get on board quickly!

Click here to play/ download “Over It” on all the biggest streaming sites.

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