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‘Second Movement’ EP – Chelsea Pribble June 18, 2020

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In the first instance I heard the single from this EP which is “Under the Covers”. To say that I was blown away by its quality and originality would be to give those descriptors a bad name. The release from which “Under The Covers” is taken is far and away the most stunning collection it has been my pleasure to review this far. Beginning with “White Lies” the fragile but effective vocals coupled with delicate complimentary string arrangements are a great opening moment. The tonality here is unique. “Bed Of Stone” with its piano intro has a depth of feeling that is tangible and some truly exceptional classically orientated tonal shifts. A Satie-esque piano figure introduces the aforementioned “Under The Covers”. The arrival of drums is unexpected but pleasant and the track is for me amongst the finest in a superb collection.

What makes this such a great release is that no two tracks are the same but the feel of the release is so unified. “Overgrown” features strings which accent and compliment the timbre of the vocals. The lyrics demonstrate a depth of feeling which lends the song an additional layer. The sound is supremely well blended. “Reprise” has a sadder feel to it but the string arrangement is once again what makes this music work so well. “Prelude” is an instrumental piece which fits supremely well into the exquisite soundscape of the record.

Chelsea Pribble has a classical ballet background and nowhere is that more apparent than on “Pas De Deux”. The vocal here has some of the feel of Anthony Hegarty but this is a voice all its own. This song vies for top billing with “Under the Covers”. Original, beautiful and profoundly emotionally affecting ,the classical dance influence is writ large here and the lyrics are strong. This is a superlative collection of songs and an absolutely resounding 10 out of 10. I will await further music from this great emerging singer with great anticipation.

Click here to check out ‘Second Movement’ on Spotify.

Written by Paul Bamlett

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