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Mayhem Virgins – AP Tobler July 25, 2020

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AP Tobler or Annapurna Tobler to give her full name is the tenth artist to feature in the Mayhem Virgins series since it kicked off last November. By her own admission AP, from San Jose, writes songs and music about things that scare her. I was lucky enough to stumble across one of her fabulous tunes on Twitter and became an instant fan. AP has released three singles to date, “Luvhate” released almost exactly one year ago and at the moment probably my favourite of her songs. I love its heaviness and for me it has a powerful 60s garage rock feel to it. “Stingray” a fabulous bluesy, hard grungey dark ballad, also released in 2019. Her current single “Lazy Eye” launched earlier this year has the potential to be a deep goth anthem and in the perfect world would sit atop the charts for a few weeks! I love AP’s guitar work on “Lazy Eye“. Click here to check out those tunes on Spotify.

Her songs deal with what it is like to have depression and anxiety and sit nicely in the alternative rock world, although her music easily appeals way beyond that. AP is a magnificently talented multi instrumentalist and she plays all the instruments on her available recordings. You can find a few great examples of her impeccable drumming online, she first picked up the sticks aged just 8 years old! Her drumming features on the awesome pop grunge track “Orange Bang” by Victory Vizhanska. AP forms a stunning rhythm section with Abby K on the song. I don’t know much more about AP Tobler, but according to her Twitter profile she is also a possum enthusiast! With or without possums I predict that AP Tobler has a great future in rock music. AP if you’re up for an interview sometime give me a shout!

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  1. […] Tobler featured in our Mayhem Virgins series a few months back, click here to check that out. She is back with a very dark, but stunning new tune, “Post Mortem”. […]


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