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“I feel so extraordinary, something’s got a hold on me” July 31, 2020

Picture by Pete Smith (see note below)

Denise Johnson sadly passed away earlier this week at way too young an age. In my opinion she was one of the finest vocalists Britain has ever produced. Many of you might not know who she was as often she was seen as just a backing singer for the likes of A Certain Ratio and Primal Scream. She was an essential part of the Manchester music scene and a big fan of the blue side of the city (that would be Manchester City for those of you unfamiliar with football). I was a fan of Denise from her time with Primal Scream and I saw her on stage with them a couple of times. She was preparing to launch her first solo album, ‘Where Does It Go’ on 25th September and I know that she was very excited about it. Click here to pre-order it. I had a few chats with her on Twitter about getting hold of an early copy for review. She was also working on an email interview of a set of questions that I sent her about a month ago. I never met her in person, but she had an incredibly positive presence on social media. She was by far one of my favourite people on Twitter. The world has lost not just a very talented singer, but also a first class human being.

Picture by Pete Smith (see note below)

A Certain Ratio’s Martin Moscrop said this of her “It wasn’t only artists; it was everyone who liked Denise. The outpouring of love for her when her death was announced yesterday just goes to show how well she was respected by everyone, not only as an amazing singer but as a person. She was the perfect all-rounder because she was so talented, but along with that talent she was such a caring person. At the end of every gig we always had to wait for her because she had to go and personally thank everyone involved, the bar staff, the bouncers, the people cleaning up, the promoter, the ticket person and the technicians. That’s a measure of the type of person she was.” Click here to read the rest of his comments on the NME site.

A GoFundMe fundraiser has been set up for her funeral, click here to access it and contribute if you can

Denise Johnson – Legend! R.I.P.

I confess that I “borrowed” the pictures from the NME site. The photographer was Pete Smith. Pete I run this blog out of a passion for music, so while I can’t pay you I would be happy to promote you via a link to your site. Alternatively I can remove the pictures if you want me to.

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