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‘Kaliyuga’ – In Hearts Wake September 5, 2020

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In Hearts Wake are a fantastic heavy rock band from Australia with a very clear environmental conscience. They have organised carbon offset for all of their consumption creating this excellent album. This instantly draws our attention and commands respect. The album opens with striking sounds and complex and captivating riffing and rhythms. “Worldwide Suicide” features barking vocals and big heavy riffs . Drum and bass sounds feature, Slayer meets the Prodigy. “Hellbringer” has fast thrash riffs and interesting additional vocals. “Moving On” has a more dancey opening . This track has a more melodic and epic feel. Doomy vocals are still there but nicely balanced by a more melodic vocals.

“Timebomb has angry vocals and a great loping riff”. “Son Of A Witch” once again has a nice mix of angry vocals and a more melodic approach . “Crossroads” has a more melodic feel. “Husk” has a gentler intro which shows the multiple skills of this band. “Naga” is a brilliant instrumental intro to “Form Of Life” which has strong vocals. “Dystopia” is the strongest track here with a superb melancholic melody. “2033” is a heavy closer with a great mix of angry riffing and vocals and a more melodic approach . This is a winning combination!

Written by Paul Bamlett.

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