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‘Tons Of Tins – Ten Ton Tinnies September 5, 2020

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First of all what a great band name. And it just gets better from there. “Part-Time Hillbilly” sets out the stall . Big power chords and riffs with big meaty vocals. “Down In The Country” continues the style with no punches pulled . A rip snortin’ full tilt country boogie. “A Song For The Bruce” is a slower ballad  with a touch of Lynyrd Skynyrd and a great vibe. “Throwdown” , and the boogie is back faster than ever . The drums provide a beat that makes you want to kick up the dust. Live I bet this one’s a monster!

“Tons Of Rain” tells the story of a flood in epic style. “Take Me To Town” has a touch of ZZ Top about it. “WHPH” has a riff worthy of those Aussie legends AC/DC and a rap feel like Aerosmith in collaboration with Run DMC. “Over Me” is a ballad with strong vocals which demonstrates the range of this band and “Here’s To Drinking” is a great song about …well… drinking! “Bad Gas” has a rap feel which this band do so well . There’s a lot of innuendo and more straight bawdy humour here which is a refreshing change. This bands songs are as catchy as anything and this album is a great night out in recorded form . In short they do exactly what it says on the Tinnie! Excellent . 

Written by Paul Bamlett.

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