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“Taking It Slow/ Memory” – Heartsink September 28, 2020

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Those cheeky pop punk chaps Heartsink are back, not with one single, but two! Back to those golden days of the double A-Side. You young folks need to ask your grandparents what an A-Side was. York’s masterful pop punkers create a relative riff storm with added lightning drums on “Taking It Slow”. It does not do what is says on the tin as it rocks at a rifftacular pace and made me want to dance from the first bar. It has an excellent singalong quality which will feel so damned good when gigs return. Bryn’s vocal oozes rock class.

If you’re a pop punk fan you are almost certainly already a fan of Heartsink, one of York’s best up and coming bands. They play like the mean it and I really believe they do. “Memory” reduces the tempo by a smidge, but it still stands as a very good tune indeed. It is full of passion and emotion and is that some anger and sarcasm I hear in there too. It’s a close call but I think my favourite is, at least for now, “Taking It Slow”. This is Heartsink’s second appearance on With Just A Hint Of Mayhem and I am confident it won’t be their last. Heartsink are Zac Roughton, Jake Roughton, Kiel Hodgson and Bryn Portas and they should be very proud of these releases, it is a portent to them getting even better in the future. Roll on the first Heartsink album!

Apparently heartsink means “a patient who repeatedly visits his or her doctor’s surgery, often with multiple or non-specific symptoms, and whose complaints are impossible to treat.” So I reckon if that is you, take a listen to these two tunes and you’ll be cured, you will never darken your doctor’s door again!

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