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“School” – Delilah Bon December 4, 2020

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The fifth(?) Delilah Bon single is almost with us, it will come screaming into the world on 11th December and as with all the previous releases it increases my belief even more that the first Delilah Bon album will be an absolute instant classic. Regular readers will know that Delilah Bon is the alter ego of Hands Off Gretel’s wickedly talented front woman. Whereas Lauren knows, owns and lives up to her punk credentials and ethics in everything she does, Delilah does exactly the same but with a much more wild, almost uncontrolled (but not quite) rap abandon. However this next single, “School” draws on her relatively newly born, but fully grown, rap skills and splices them with that hard punk ethos.

The song deals with how Lauren was put down at school for wanting to succeed as a singer and a musician. I cannot begin to know how that felt as I am a male of the species, although as a council estate kid, like many of my contemporaries, I was also put down by the “powers that be” who tried to convince me that I would amount to nothing. Well Delilah is kicking back big time against this injustice, with a song that hits hard and yet stays in your head like an ultimate earworm. The video is classy too. There are elements of a dark version of Gulliver’s Travels, a very scary teacher (Mrs Bon) played by Lauren. Bubble gum and fiery hair (literally) also feature. If any of Lauren’s former teachers watch this video I would like to think they might feel at least a little bit of guilt.

Fill your time between now and December 11th with some other absolutely banging tunes from Delilah Bon. While you’re watching and listening, why not avail yourself of some rather excellent merch, I have! Just click here for the Delilah Bon shop. Once the single is released I will post a link here too. Delilah Bon stands up for the freaks, the forgotten and the downtrodden, embrace her attitude and sass! Can white girls rap? On this evidence yes they can, well Delilah Bon certainly can!

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