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A Christmas Message From The Spit Sisters December 20, 2020

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Dear constant readers, less frequent viewers and newbies we have another delightful Christmas message for you. This time it is the turn of those angry, satanic queers from London, the Spit Sisters. After reviewing their latest single, “Sylvia” back in October I am definitely a fan. Check out the excellent video for “Sylvia” below too. Thanks to Covid driven social distancing it is Jaz giving a great message on behalf of her and the band. She even throws in a few lines from “Homo Christmas” which I believe was a Pansy Division song. I might be an old, white, straight bloke, but I know stuff like that!

Anyway while you are viewing the Chrimbo message from this marvellous band check them out on BandCamp. You can buy “Sylvia” and “Weak” by clicking here. Also if you are stuck on what to do for those last minute Christmas presents, why not buy a fabulous Spit Sisters logo patch, they look rather excellent (check out the picture above), just click here and buy one for your Gran or the Vicar!

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