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“Little Frankenstein (The Franken-Lee Remix) and “Run Boy (No Longer)” – Not Now Norman March 3, 2021

Back in January we featured Not Now Norman‘s “Little Cheryl” in our first singles round up of 2021, well so far this year they have already hit us with two singles! But it’s not just the quantity, it’s the quality. These two are pretty damned good. First up is “Little Frankenstein (The Franken-Lee Remix)” which takes the 2019 original into a much harder riff laden heavy experience and it makes a good song great! This tune proves that Not Now Norman are not just for Halloween, they are for life! The second of this ace brace of singles is “Run Boy (No Longer)” a collaboration with Geo Moon. It sounds like the Prodigy mated with Black Sabbath while secretly being watched by a voyeuristically warped Robert Plant to produce a bouncing electro metal dance baby that everyone will love! The song deals with abuse by toxic people and does it so well. Taylor’s voice is a soaring spectacle of spaced out dance rock on this track and at times reminds me of Madonna. The Game Of Thrones tribute video is pretty sharp too! If you had told me just a few months ago that 2021 would see me becoming a Norminion, I would have laughed in your face (well kind of, but I would still have worn a mask and observed a social distance). You really need to get this band in your life, do it now!

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