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“I Don’t Listen To You” – Delilah Bon March 8, 2021

Delilah Bon, rap rock superhero alter ego of Hands Off Gretel lead singer Lauren Tate released another brilliant single recently. It is called “I Don’t Listen To You” and it is the very definition of bad ass. Once again Delilah takes aim at misogyny, sexism, bullying and the patriarchy. It is clear that her aim is more than true as she smashes the centerpiece of the target into oblivion. Is it possible to enhance such a stunningly great track? When you have the support of thousands of loyal fans who share your ideals it is. Lauren has created a video for the single after 10,000 Spotify streams and more than 60,000 followers on TikTok.

Lauren has spoken about the genesis of the track; “The song began as a short empowering message for my TikTok fans. It blew up overnight with other 60K views and hundreds of fan made videos. My inbox filled up with girls begging me to release the full song, thanking me for the confidence the words gave them. I got to work and in 72 hours I produced an entire song. It was really an empowering moment for myself as a writer and producer knowing my words were so important for people. I told my fans “I want to see you strutting your stuff, screaming along with me, I want you to own your sexuality and give the middle finger.”

The film is made up of mimed contributions from a wide range of her fans. It is made by women, for women and represents empowerment for women on International Women’s Day. This film is a call to arms to help the world take that leap forward that might one day mean that International Women’s Day is no longer needed as women reach a true gender parity of rights and conditions with men. But sadly that is years away. The theme of this years International Women’s Day is “Choose To Challenge” and with this song Delilah/ Lauren is calling on all her fans to challenge the norm. Today is all about awareness but the fight for gender parity never stops, but you know that. So to all those Bad Ass Queen Bees out there keep the fight going, don’t let up and never give up! This bloke is right with you! I am pleased to say I actually recognised one of the contributors to the video, the supremely talented Taylor-Grace Mitchell from a great British band, Not Now Norman.

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