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“Light Up The Sky” -Apollo Junction April 5, 2021

The Saturn V rocket which launched all the Apollo missions in the 60s and 70s generated 7.6 million pounds (34.5 million newtons) of thrust at launch and it could launch about 130 tons (118,000 kilograms) into Earth orbit. That is heavy and now a band that shares part of their name with those Moon missions is about to release their heaviest single yet! I am talking about the new tune from one of Leeds finest bands, Apollo Junction who unleash their new song “Light Up The Sky” on the world this coming Friday, 9th April. It is a full on glam stomper with funky metal overtones, however they still maintain their signature electro sound within it too. On the evidence of this and all the singles released since their 2019 debut album ‘Mystery’ they will certainly overcome that “difficult second album” conundrum. Album number two, will, I suspect be even better than the first. “Light Up The Sky” has almost immediately become my favourite Apollo Junction tune!

The band describe “Light Up The Sky” as “an anthem about the need for togetherness in darker times. It’s the song
that we have aimed to write since the day we formed Apollo Junction and is a great representation of the big sound of our second album”
. Well I agree that it is anthemic and not just a big sound, but a monumentally huge sound. As we slowly move out of the dark cloud of Covid there are an increasing number of chances to see the boys play live in 2021, including Carfest North and Carfest South, Bingley Weekender, Isle Of Wight Festival and supporting the Kaiser Chiefs at the Halifax Piece Hall to name just a few. If this band is not stratospherically successful in the next few years I might have to eat my hat! Get them in your life now! When the single is issued later this week I will add a few links for you to get it into your ears! Click here to check out some of their other great tunes on Spotify!

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