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“Feast” – Laura Kindelan April 26, 2021

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Beyond any doubt, for me, Laura Kindelan is one of the sharpest and brightest talents of her generation to emerge from York. I have had the pleasure of seeing her live quite a few times and also interviewing her a couple of years ago. On top of all that talent she is also a wonderful human being and now she has had a new tune played on BBC Radio 1. Laura’s “Feast” is one of a fantastic collection of awesome tracks to feature on Gemma Bradley’s show last night. I have likened Laura’s style and delivery to Jeff Buckley before and I stand by that with the new song, but here I also sense elements of Kate Bush around the time of “The Sensual World”. “Feast” does so much with the space between the notes as it does within them. The song is sultry, moody, jazzy and the guitar work is chilled and even eerie at times. I am looking forward to this track being more widely available 🙂

On her social media Laura says of “Feast”, “This version of Feast was recorded start to finish by me on my ridiculously small laptop. The drums were recorded in my drummer/housemate/Luca’s room with a bloody cajon as a kick drum. Safe to say I never ever anticipated it being played on BBC Radio 1. As a bit of a perfectionist, it makes me so scared that this is happening, as it’s so unexpected, but I couldn’t be happier!!” This is well deserved recognition for Laura and she is definitely someone I can hardly wait to see play live again when we finally come out of these dark Covid days!

Click here to hear the track on Gemma Bradley’s show. Laura appears at around 58 minutes in, but why not listen to the whole show, there really are some great songs on offer!

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