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‘Delilah Bon’ – Delilah Bon May 18, 2021

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Delilah Bon has crashed into a music industry that has not seen anything this fresh for a long time. She is like a rap rock comet that is laying waste to the world in the best way possible, with truly fucking awesome music. Many of you know that Delilah Bon is the alter ego of Lauren Tate, frontwoman of Hands Off Gretel. Delilah is like a wonderfully wicked cartoon that lives, she is a huge icon and role model for women and female empowerment everywhere. If you are a misogynistic arse then stop reading now! Although to be fair what the fuck is a misogynist doing reading my blog anyway? The tracks that Delilah has released over the past year or so have maintained a level of quality that many artists might kill for. All of her videos have been pretty ace too. Now it is time for her self-titled debut album to be unleashed on the world. I have been lucky enough to have had it spinning for a few weeks already. Delilah/ Lauren plays every note and sings/ raps every line, on top of that she produced it herself.

You may be familiar with a few of the tracks here, but for me, as a complete album it is already nailed on to be among the best albums of 2021, if not the very best. It kicks off with “Freak Of The Week” a track that explodes with the force of multiple megatons and a bass line that is so deep the vibrations rearrange your internal organs. Next up is the new single “Soul Sisters” and I reckon it is perhaps her greatest song to date. She uses the lyrics to tackle the negativity she faces from trolls and arseholes on the internet on a regular basis. Vocally this song goes beyond pure rap or rock and Delilah showcases her incredibly powerful voice and her ability to pull off the perfect hook. “Bad Attitude” is full of anger and venom and some supremely smart lyrical couplets, I particularly love “I do have a Sugar Daddy, Her name is myself and she gives me all the money”. If Eminem had been born in Yorkshire rather than Detroit and had he been a girl then “Where My Girls At” is definitely what he/ she might have sounded like. It is a powerful voice of support for all the girls who are afraid to go out or to dress how they want to. Were you ever bullied, belittled, or ignored at school? You were? Then “School” and “Red Dress” are songs for you. Delilah exposes the hypocrisy of all the people who gave her shit at school, including teachers, and who now what to know her.

“Chiquitita” uses a line from the Abba song of the same name “Chiquitita, you and I know”, but that is the only similarity. This is an explosive track that oozes anger and sticks in your head like an armour-clad leech. Perhaps Delilah’s most powerful attack on inherent and casual sexism that sadly still exists in this world is the stunning “Chop Dicks”. If you are male and this tune scares you then I suspect that you are on the wrong side of the argument. I totally support female empowerment and equality, for fuck’s sake we are in the 21st century! In “Homework” Delilah lashes out at the boys and men who expect nothing to change. Over a harsh and jarring beat, she raps with venom about the patriarchy and how many men just expect things to remain the same. She states her position clearly, “I’m an independent woman and I’m powerful”. Not that most of us need to hear that, Delilah/ Lauren is clearly independent, very powerful, a great role model for girls everywhere, and frankly an obscenely talented artist. Satan himself would be scared shitless by “Devil”. A song on which once again Delilah proves she can mix it with the best in the world of rap. Her ciphers and rhymes are clever, sassy, and classy. How about “If you’re burning down my castle then you know I’ll give you hell” for starters? The self-proclaimed Brat Punk tells it exactly like it is on “War On Women” in a world where it is not safe for women to walk the streets and world leaders telling women to cover up to reduce temptation. Imran Khan, we know where you are! She also uses her lyrics here to throw support behind the LGBTQ community alongside women. A true anthem for our times and a search for a better world. The album closes on an absolute high via “I Get A Feelin'”. I actually felt empty when the album finished, for no other reason than I needed to hear it again, buy this record, you really need Delilah Bon in your life, trust me! On a previous review of Delilah Bon, I said “Delilah Bon stands up for the freaks, the forgotten and the downtrodden, embrace her attitude and sass!” That stands even more now the album is here! As a footnote I would like to send a message to the people making the next Harley Quinn film, you need the soundtrack to be provided by Delilah Bon!

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