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With Just A Hint Of Mayhem – Singles Round-Up 2021 Part 5 December 10, 2021

OK I know I have been somewhat slow with reviews these last few months, so as an early Christmas gift this will probably be the final singles round-up of 2021. I will focus on a collection of tracks that I really loved but thanks to life (and laziness? Hopefully not that) I never got around to reviewing. Some of these came out quite a while ago too. I plan to be much better at this in 2022. If you have sent me something to review and I never got around to it then I am truly sorry, keep sending stuff though, as I really plan to get more done next year!

“Eye For An Eye” – AP Tobler

AP, who has featured on this site quite a few times now, returned with the rather splendid ‘Alternate Vision EP’ this summer and this dark riff laden romp was the lead single. AP is definitely one of those rare talents that grows with every release. Click here to check out the EP on Spotify, the cover of the Hives classic “Hate To Say I Told You So” is sublime.

“What I Need” – Tay Temple

If Karen Carpenter had been in the Cocteau Twins rather than Liz Fraser they might have sounded like Tay Temple. This is a lovelorn torch song with bite and I love it!

“Celebration, Florida” – Marnie Glum

A gorgeous acoustic ballad from the supremely talented Marnie Glum. A perfect fit to soundtrack a chilled summer afternoon, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it to brighten up a dark winter day as well.

“Shut Your Mouth” – Not Now Norman

A towering track from the magnificent Not Now Norman. The riffs and hooks hit you on the first listen, a band that gets better and better with every release. I am proud to be a Norminion and I am also in the video, can you spot me? 😉

“Kicked Out Of The Sky” – Kicked Out Of The Sky

A modern twist on bands like the Clash and perhaps the less in-your-face elements of Blink 182. Catchy rock at its best, I particularly love the guitars on this track. Matt’s vocal oozes class too!

“Hide And Run” – The Dots

This raucous garage band from Huddersfield sent me a great song, “Could I Bare” back in September, it is bloody good, but finding stuff online from these lads has proved difficult, so the video below is for an electrifying excerpt from their set supporting Skylights on their Yorkshire tour!

“In The End” – The Dead Zoo

That delightful bunch of talented musicians released a classy Giorgio Moroderesque single earlier in the year and it comes with some incredible dance mixes. I shelled out for the CD version and it was well worth it. Click here to check out the original, remixes along with their rather ace cover of the Dame’s “Everyone Says Hi” on Spotify. I really need to see the Dead Zoo live in 2022. In the videos below you can see the band play “In The End” live.

“Pink Champagne” – Dojo Explosjo

This track shows the breadth of talent and versatility that Andy of Cold Culprits fame has. This is a real step away from his punk style that I was familiar with. “Pink Champagne” is a frenetic, edgy dance track that would sound immense over a nightclub sound system. Andy also created the rather wonderful animations in the video too.

“Her Mind” – The Sheratons

The band launched this single 7 months ago and it is pure dirty, grungey, punky, bluesy, garage rock class. The band rock out like the Stooges on a tune that will undoubtedly rip a hole in venue roofs across the country.

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