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The Mayhem Monthly Top 20 Artist Chart – January 1st, 2022 January 2, 2022

Greetings to readers new and old, I hope that 2022 is a great one for you. But frankly it can’t be worse than 2020 and 2021 can it? Well my 2022 has started with me isolating with Covid, so who knows! many of you know that I am a keen user of a site called Obscurify. It claims to tell you how obscure your listening on Spotify is. Compared to the rest of the UK I still remain 99% more obscure than other users in the UK. It also lists my most obscure artists, (the top two of which have been there since I began doing these posts) which currently are;

Woke Up Dead (Ever present excellent band)

Promethium (This metal bunch continue to fly the flag for great British rock)

The Dead Zoo (This fabulous band make another appearance at number 15 in this months top 20)

Catherine Anne Davies (a.k.a. The Anchoress. This entry is thanks to me spending some time with the sublime album she released with Bernard Butler, ‘In Memory Of My Feelings’)

The Suncharms (Two months in a row in the obscure gang and top of the last chart too, falling to number two this time out)

So who were the top artists for January 1st (which incidentally was also my birthday!) ? Check the full lists below, the Dame is back at the top after a lowly showing last time. Suncharms stick around at 2. Number 3 is the home of one of my favourite ever acts, the KLF. Meanwhile the Kunts, the marvellous punk Christmas chart Crusaders are at number 4, thanks to me looping their excellent attack on Boris Johnson in a campaign to get it to Christmas number one There are a few new (to me) artists in there, notably Kid Kapichi, Captain Accident and Ferocious Dog. Also, plenty of the usual classic acts, including Paul Weller, Frank Zappa, Bruce Springsteen, Emmylou Harris, Wings and Procol Harum. Give Obscurify a spin and let me know what your chart looks like and how obscure your tastes are 🙂

Mayhem’s Top 20 Artists on Spotify (January 1st 2022)

1 David Bowie
2 Suncharms
4 The Kunts
5 Paul Weller
6 Emmylou Harris
7 Frank Zappa
8 Bruce Springsteen
9 Gregory Porter
10 Alicia Keys
11 Captain Accident
12 Cat Power
13 Ferocious Dog
14 Wings
15 The Dead Zoo
16 Apollo Junction
17 Procol Harum
18 Stanley Clarke
19 Kid Kapichi
20 Depeche Mode

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