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Rolla/ City Snakes/ Vaquelin – Fulford Arms, York – Thursday 10th February 2022 February 11, 2022

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Maybe it is that I am ancient, but tonight’s crowd seemed like a youth club crowd. But oh boy were they a brilliant crowd. First up was Vaquelin whose current album is a contender, along with Yard Act, for my album of the year already. The band absolutely stormed it and whether they set out to do this they played their set like they were headliners. Adrian’s vocals were soaring and powerful, do you think he looks a little like Enrique Iglesias? (Asking for a friend). Callum’s guitar playing was comparable with both Mick Ronson and Jimmy Page. How long will it be before he uses a violin bow on his guitar a la Page? Jack smashed his drums like he was possessed by the spirit of John Bonham and you could feel Luca’s bass in your chest. The so-far unreleased “Broken Windows” was incredible and needs to be a single! Vaquelin has a very strong core group of fans and I would like to name them Vaquelinians, Gaga has her Little Monsters so why shouldn’t Vaquelin have a fan family? You need this band in your life.

Next up was Rolla who signed a record deal this week. They are from Manchester, they have Brit Pop style, the lead singer, James Gilmore, wears a parka and sports a Liam Gallagher style haircut. That is how they appeared to me, but what did they sound like? Well the band seemed really tight and well-rehearsed and they do have some great songs, particularly “Sweet Lullaby” and “Show Me”. Gilmore also has the swagger, confidence, and charisma of a great frontman. But for me, they were a bit identikit Oasis. Is the world ready for a new version of the boys from Burnage? I said maybe………

The final band tonight was York’s excellent City Snakes and they were a bit special. Scuzzy garage rock like a punked-up Arctic Monkeys with an added portion of that dirty glam sound that the New York Dolls were so good at. The crowd went mental and created some pretty amazing mosh circles for such a brilliant intimate venue like the Fulford Arms. This is a band that knows how to entertain and they have an innate ability to whip their crowd into a frenzy!

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