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‘So Far, So Good’ – Out Of Love March 27, 2022

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Out Of Love are a full-on pop-punk band with masses of energy and passion for their music. This energy pulses through this excellent debut album like a life force. The opener “S.L.U.M.P” sets out the stall for the rest of the album with massive riffs, huge guitars, and big choruses. Most of the songs clock in at under 3 minutes and explore themes of identity and reflections on how life is now. “All Grown Up” has a flavour of Green Day and the angst of Sam Fender topped off by the original touches that the band brings to every song. “Play Pretend” has an interesting spoken introduction and a fantastic chorus. “Hello Trouble” has a more melodic approach and great vocal harmonies. “Sniffin’ Glue” has a touch of Nirvana and great lyrics.
The final track “Kill Song” is for me the pick of the bunch. A great song to finish with combining a fantastic riff with a brilliant buzz bass sound. I imagine Out Of Love absolutely kill it live with their short sharp songs and huge passion. More, please!

Written by Paul Bamlett.

The album is scheduled for release on 8th April 2022 via Venn Records.

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