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“Edge Of The World” – Last of the Fallen Angels ft Victoria O March 30, 2022

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Every so often an act appears that you immediately think why are they not huge? For me, The Last Of The Fallen Angels are definitely in that category. The new single “Edge Of The World” is a sad, rolling, chilled tune that brings me great joy and sadness in equal measures. It takes a great tune to do that to me. It has an ethereal trip-hop choral feel to it and is most definitely cinematic in its scope and depth. It was written by Last Of The Fallen Angels main man Conrad McQueen with Victoria Owsnett a.k.a Victoria O who provides those gorgeous vocals. It was produced by Simon Ellis who shared all the musical instrument duties with Conrad. The video is a spectacular wide-screen take on the best of those 1970s science fiction films where humans set out to colonise another planet. This is not the first time I have featured The Last Of The Fallen Angels on these pages and it won’t be the last. Click here to stream this delightful and beautiful tune on Spotify.


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