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The Mayhem Monthly Top 20 Song Chart – March 2022 April 11, 2022

We have been publishing our Mayhem Top 20 Artist Chart for a while now, so it’s about time we hit you with our top 20 song chart right? We promised you this in the last Artist Top 20 and here it is! The inaugural Mayhem Top 20 Song chart. Who will be on the hotlist? Who will be number one? Read on to find out! Well it won’t be a traditional old skool run down from 20 to 1, we thought we’d hit you with number one first and it is………. Prairie Brigade with “Is This How The World Ends”. York singer-songwriter Rubby Addy is a close second with her gorgeous tune “Roadkill”. Meanwhile, Bang Bang Romeo follow up their chart-topping of the Mayhem Artist Top 20 appearance for March with a very respectable number three placing. The oldest release on the list is “Metal Guru” by T. Rex at number 20. Eight of the artists who featured in the Mayhem Top 20 Artist chart for March also feature on this list. We would love to hear your thoughts on the Mayhem Song Top 20 Chart as we hope to make it a regular feature. Check out the complete list below.

1 Is This How The World Ends – Prairie Brigade
2 Roadkill – Ruby Addy
3 Cemetery – Bang Bang Romeo
4 Edge Of The World – Last Of The Fallen Angels
5 Ride Home – Katy Hurt
6 You Belong – Set Your Sights
7 Mansard Roof – Vampire Weekend
8 ROCK$TAR – Police Car Collective
9 Sunday – David Bowie
10 Colourful White Lies – Electric High
11 Pieces – Revivalry
12 I Thought I Knew It All – Marq Electronica
13 Wilder Days – Morgan Wade
14 Barbara Streisand – Phonomatiq
15 Fool Britannia – The Undercover Hippy
16 Rhubarb – Childcare
17 I Wanna Be By Your Side – Na’eemah Harper
18 Little Bit Broken – Hattie Briggs
19 If You Get To Hell First – Fury
20 Metal Guru – T Rex

We love our readers so much we have even created a Spotify Playlist of the Mayhem Song Top 20 for March 2022. Click here to give it a spin!

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