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PERCY – Fulford Arms – Thursday 23rd June 2022 July 3, 2022

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This was the launch gig for the rather spiffing new album ‘Monorail’ from PERCY (check out our review of the album here). But before that, there were a few support bands to consider. Were the support bands good? Read on to find out! First up was What Fresh Hell a York band which combine power pop, indie, and hard rock. Vocalist Mollie has a great melodic pop voice but when she lets rip it is a voice that can compete with the fiercest metal howlers. The band is incredibly tight; in particular, the drumming was spot on! One of the guitarists looks a little like Graham Coxon and plays like Coxon or Johnny Marr had they been in a metal band. “Girls Don’t Fight” was a great highlight for me.

Fat Spatula

Kelter was next on stage. They are purveyors of jerky, dirty, angular, funky punk. A little like early Talking Heads on speed. Lead singer/ guitarist Tim nails the thousand-yard rock frontman stare perfectly. You would certainly struggle to beat him in a staring contest! Sadly he will be leaving the band later this year. I hope that Kelter will bounce back quickly and that Tim produces more great music himself. The music is dark and magnificent and is perfectly suited to a small, sweaty venue like the Fulford Arms, and oh boy was it sweaty that night! The penultimate band before PERCY was Fat Spatula. I am sure that I have made a Jonathan Richman comparison about them before and it still stands. But where they surpass Mr. Richman is that their lyrics, which enhance their wonderful story songs are even more warped and off the wall than Jonathan Richman’s finest. Stylistically Fat Spatula are post-punk, pop, humourous horror, and even country music in a punky style. “Wankers” is a brilliant song! This is a band with something for everyone!


Finally, it was time for PERCY and as a live band these self-proclaimed West Yorkshire Super Heroes are a hard-hitting powerful musical force packed full of passion, humour, and talent. Off the back of two great albums over the last few years ‘Seaside Donkeys’ (2019) and the album launched at this gig, ‘Monorail’ they have proved themselves to easily be one of Yorkshire’s finest bands. Given the chance to play dates beyond the boundaries of the fabulous White Rose County I think the rest of the country will love them too. The new songs are great on the album but absolutely stratospheric when played live. Especially “Chunks”, which is perhaps one of Colin’s best lyrics to date, and “ICU”. “Will Of The People” from the last album remains a towering tour de force and sadly still so very relevant. But for me, the highlight of this set was the moody, mad, magical, mighty, magnificent, and masterful “What Lez Said”. PERCY are definitely one of my favourite bands right now, if they are not one of yours then I want a letter from your parents on my desk Monday explaining why!

Click here to check out What Fresh Hell smashing their epic tune “Meat Machine”

All pictures, except the gig poster, were taken by me using my very cheap Chinese Android phone. The videos were found on YouTube (and one on Facebook). If the video is yours and you would like a credit or for it to be removed please let me know.

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