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“Rex Mundi” – Cat Ryan August 15, 2022

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Huge apologies to all the bands, singers, and PR companies that continue to send us some ace music. We will never catch up and review every tune that gets sent to us here at Mayhem Towers, but we will do our best to feature as many as possible. Earlier today while trawling through the hundreds that have been sent in recent months I chanced upon a gem. It is called “Rex Mundi” and it is by Newcastle’s happy, indie funsters, Cat Ryan. It is a song that cannot fail to make you smile, it has some delightful hooks and the production is quirky but crystal clear. “Rex Mundi” has huge levels of energy and generates mega happy vibes. This track needs to be on your soundtrack for summer 2022. Apparently, the song is about an Irish Greyhound called Rex Mundi, which completely threw me, I thought it might relate to the book of the same name by George Sims, which clearly proves how little I actually know. However, I do know that this is a wonderfully crafted tune that needs to be heard!

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