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Mayhem Virgins – Bonnie Mai September 4, 2022

This is the eighteenth in our Mayhem Virgins series and features talented British artist Bonnie Mai. Sometimes you can come across new music and artists in strange and random ways, can’t you? I met Bonnie Mai at the Leeds Festival last weekend, she wasn’t performing there (not yet anyway), she was at the BBC Introducing Stage. We got talking and I discovered that Bonnie Mai is a singer and has released a clutch of great songs, so having heard them I think she is an excellent choice for our Mayhem Virgins series. For those who don’t know what the series is, it is simply an opportunity for us to showcase artists who have never appeared on these pages before. So please welcome Bonnie Mai to the expanding Mayhem Virgins club, most of who will feature regularly after that initial post. Bonnie Mai struck me as a cool and decent human being on that first meeting, although her online presence gives her a nice air of mystery like she just appeared on the planet a few years ago to grace us with some great music. Check out her Spotify profile detail below, I love it!

Not your standard potted history is it? That is what makes it stand out. Anyway, let’s talk about Bonnie Mai‘s music as we open the doors to the House Of Bonnie Mai. She has six singles and EPs available on Spotify, check them out. My favourite so far is probably “Slush Papi” which oozes confidence and sexiness over a modern R & B sound with some harmonic overdubbed vocals that drag you into the song and won’t let you go until the song ends, but even then you can’t forget it. The video is great too, you can see that below. “Chasing The Feeling” is a percussive tour de force of a kind of message song, with Bonnie Mai delivering a sultry and powerful vocal. The acapella version showcases just how good Bonnie Mai’s voice is. Meanwhile “Fall In Love” has a hybrid ska/ reggaeton/ electronica style, once again with some ace percussion and the keyboards give the song an almost oriental feel. The Ian Solo remix of “When Time Stands Still” is an anthem for female empowerment and I suspect may be directed at a former partner. The synth sound on here is reminiscent of early Depeche Mode. The enigmatic Bonnie Mai is a woman of many talents who deserves wider exposure, you need to check out her music, you will not be disappointed!

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