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“The Other Side” – Kindelan October 5, 2022

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I have been lucky enough to see Laura Kindelan perform live five times since 2017 and she has always blown me away with her talent, individuality, and originality. I have compared her to Jeff Buckley in the past and I stand by that. Her new release, “The Other Side” is wonderfully different to anything that she has released previously. This song is issued using her new incarnation as, simply, Kindelan. The song kicks off a new chapter in her musical journey which will see the release of her first EP in 2023. “The Other Side” is a great song, the vocals are both soulful and ethereal and reminiscent of what the offspring of Nina Simone and Minnie Riperton might have sounded like toward the end. This is 21st Century R & B, with some sublime jazzy and folky twists and turns. The band is really tight and the production is perfect. It was co-produced by Laura and Ed Allen. I can imagine Solange doing a great cover of this song. The tune deals with the perennial issue that many of us encounter in believing that the grass is greener on the other side. Laura says this about that thought and how the song came about, “I’d always wanted more time to do everything, convinced I would then feel content. However, when lockdown hit and I got exactly what I’d wished for, I was left disillusioned. The Other Side was written exploring my personal experience with the idiom ‘the grass is always greener on the other side, and my impression that humans often wish for what they don’t have, but rarely make the move to reach this ‘greener’ place“. The lyrics are deep and I suspect that my interpretation of those words may be different to other people, but that for me is what makes a great song. I love the lines “we need the green, tell me why it always feels out of reach. I can see the other side one day I swear I’ll go there when I have the time“. As the first track to be issued from Kindelan’s first EP, it sets the bar incredibly high, but it is a bar that Kindelan will sail over comfortably. I am looking forward to hearing more tracks! Click here to buy the tune on Bandcamp. It is also available on Tidal, Deezer, Apple Music, and Amazon Music. You need Kindelan’s music in your life!

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