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“Liar Liar #TrussMix” – Captain Ska October 6, 2022

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Tomorrow, 7th October, the fabulous Captain Ska release another take on their classic “Liar Liar”. It started with one attacking Gideon, Dodgy Dave, and Clegg, and the rapid merry-go-round of Tory Leaders since then means that there have also been versions of the tune directed at Maybot, Uber Liar Johnson, and the new one is aimed fairly and squarely at Thick Lizzie. To be fair it has been touch and go as to whether Truss would stay in post long enough for the new release, but it looks like she has. Although I suspect that Captain Ska will need to fashion yet another new version before the next election given the rather entertaining fighting and backstabbing that the Tories are doing at the moment. It is nice to see the Conservatives implode and what better to soundtrack that implosion than “Liar Liar #TrussMix” from Captain Ska. As usual, the video is excellent and, for me, it shows just how out of touch with reality and out of her depth Truss actually is. It is a great ska-pop tune and works for whichever hapless loser the Tories offer as their leader. Instead of M People’s Moving On Up” Thick Lizzie should have walked out to “Liar Liar” yesterday! Spread this tune around, let’s get it into the charts! Use the YouTube link below tomorrow to watch the video, download links will all be available tomorrow too.

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