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“I’m Not Here To Make Friends” – Sam Smith February 3, 2023

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So, as expected, the tabloid media, particularly in the UK, have got their knickers in a right twist over the video for Sam Smith’s current single “I’m Not Here To Make Friends”. The video features drag queens, dancers, corsets, leather, a gold helicopter, nipple tassles, and amazing camp costumes, and is frankly stunning. Yes, it is sexual, but sexual with a sense of humour. This to me has a large element of Sam Smith sending themself up. Would the mainstream media have got so upset if a similar video was made by a svelte-like female pop star? Of course, they wouldn’t, but Sam came out as non-binary a couple of years back and the tabloids just love to attack anything they see as different, so basically anyone who doesn’t fit the usual heterosexual, nuclear family tropes. The tabloid media barely hides its homophobia and transphobia these days and they mix it with an element of body shaming too. I think that with this video, Sam Smith, has produced one of the finest pop videos in years, and “I’m Not Here To Make Friends” is, without doubt, a classic slice of 21st-century disco. I am an old, straight man and I bloody love the video and the tune! I have not been a huge fan of Sam Smith’s music up to now but this song has definitely won me over and the video is the icing on the cake (or maybe the tassle on the nipple!) The song and the video are direct descendent of “Relax” by Frankie Goes To Hollywood and “Outside” by George Michael. Sam Smith, you are priceless, UK tabloids, you are worthless! I would love to hear what you folks think of the video.

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