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‘You Can Reach Me If You Try’ EP – Kindelan (Part 2) May 17, 2023

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I have never reviewed an EP or Album review in two parts before, however, when I wrote the EP review part 1 I thought it was the actual EP. Thanks to Spotify (and I believe that Apple Music and other streaming sites do the same) badging it as an EP. But no, that is just how streaming services badge it. Anyway Kindelan’s entire EP, ‘You Can Reach Me If You Try’, is now complete. Strangely it is now badged as an album on Spotify! You can click here to read the EP review Part 1 and see what I had to say about “Listen”, “The Other Side”, “Hazel Frustration” and “Feast”. In the meantime let me give you my views on the remaining three tracks that complete the EP. First, it is “Far Too Sweet” which is a beautifully harmonic tune in which Laura’s vocals are close to perfect and the string arrangements just add something really special. There is a great jazz vibe underpinning the girl group harmonies at times. Next, it is the shortest track on the EP, “She”. A song that is more chilling in its delivery than it is chilled. I am hearing it as an attack on misogyny via an iron fist in a lace glove. It has the kind of lyric that far more established and experienced songwriters would kill to have written. Right now this is probably my favourite Kindelan track. The EP closes with “Can’t Sleep” which builds slowly into a gorgeous story in a song. It feels like quite a personal lyric, as do many on the EP. The playing is wonderfully understated and Kindelan proves that there is no fear in using the silence. This is a really classy release and for me shows with great clarity that Kindelan will simply get better and better.

There are still a few Kindelan live dates to come (Hull, Leeds, London, and York), I will be at the EP launch gig at the Brudenell in Leeds on Friday 2nd June, will I see you there? I had the pleasure of interviewing Laura Kindelan recently, keep a look out for that, it will be posted here very soon!

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