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Butterfly Candy – 22 Oceans April 9, 2020

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“Butterfly Candy” is the newest release on the innovative new label 72rpm Records and on this evidence they know quality when they hear it. Mike Guy is the creative brain behind this wonderful slice of ambient atmospherics, using the name 22 Oceans. The initial synth rhythm gives way to ethereal distant vocals which creates an added layer. The almost imperceptible drum rhythm drives the track gently along. Although the Eno influence is clear here, Mike’s earlier influences such as OMD and Blancmange have a spectral presence. My Eno reference would be the Apollo Soundtracks recently refurbished by Brian and Roger Eno but I do not want to give the impression that Mike Guy is copying in any way. This track has a life and feel all of its own. Its a calming and elegiac piece and I hope that we can hear more of the same very soon from this artist and label.

Written by Paul Bamlett.

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