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“Dance” – Alleyways May 29, 2019

Leeds based York pop funsters Alleyways have a single out on Chalk Pit Records. The track is taken from the band’s new EP ‘Does It Matter?’ Click here to check out that collection on Spotify. It is called “Dance” and having listened to it I would personally take the title as an instruction, or perhaps an order. It is a pulsating pop song that will make you move, whether you want to or not. In the olden days this would be all over national radio, so put it all over your playlists, streams, video views and any other way you consume awesome tunes. It is accompanied by a very arty but tasteful video. It appears almost sepia-toned and occasionally had me thinking that maybe I needed 3D glasses to watch it. Dougie and the gang are on top form in the video, dressed in a kind of slightly smarter than smart casual way and really owning their dance moves. This song and the EP deserve to be seen and heard, so what are you waiting for? If you want to catch them live soon they are a part of the Futuresound Emerging Competition and will be appearing at the Wardrobe in Leeds on 4th July as a part of that (see below), get your arses down there people!

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“TV” – Alleyways October 16, 2018

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Leeds/ York based Alleyways have released another exquisite slice of sublime pop rock with the sublime “TV”. Apparently the song is about living the moment and not immersing yourself in technology. I hope fans take heed at live shows and actually experience the gig through their human senses and not through a tiny phone screen. The song has echoes of some of the finest 80s pop music, I hear elements of Altered Images and Aztec camera here. It doesn’t take much more than the first listen for “TV” to take root in your brain and boost those endorphins off the scale! If you like this then you really need to check out Alleyways other stuff, including three other great songs; “Naked”,  “Bubble Gum” and “Gucci”. They will be playing a number of headline shows in support of “TV” in the next few weeks. This follows some great support slots with Fickle Friends and Glass Caves to name just a couple. The band have begun working with Chalk Pit Records from Leeds and this I am sure will result in some great new things from Alleyways in 2019. Stay tuned people, this band has so much to offer!


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