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Faux Pas and Uncle Buzzard – split 7″ single September 25, 2019

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Come Play With Me Records have just released a split 7″ single featuring two talented and wonderfully different bands; Faux Pas and Uncle Buzzard. Come Play With Me is a not for profit label set up to showcase and develop new music in the Leeds area. They have released some really classy split 7″ singles to date which have included tracks by Fizzy Blood, The Golden Age Of TV and Dead Naked Hippies to name just a few. If you would like to support Come Play With Me click here and help continue the great work they are doing. If you weren’t lucky enough to get a vinyl copy both tracks are available on major streaming sites.

Faux Pas’ contribution is “That’s My Ego” and the opening bars suggest maybe something lofi and then Ru’s vocals go stratospheric about 45 seconds in just as the riff attack ramps things up to 11. The song is full of despair, passion anger, and energy, which is appropriate given that Ru has said that “This song is about taking control of who you are and addressing the struggle of those who feel they cannot”. The band is perhaps this generation’s Placebo along with contemporaries Queen Zee. This is impassioned, caring and soulful punk as it should be. Faux Pas haven’t been around too long yet, but if they keep releasing stuff like this they most certainly will be. I have been lucky enough to see them live a few times and this is the first track from them that for me completely captures the power, magnificence and the essence of their live performance.

“Big Cat” from Uncle Buzzard is very different from the Faux Pas contribution. It is just as melodious but has a more psychedelic indie vibe running through it. The overall feel makes you want to chill out in the sun with an ice-cold beer, however, the lyrics deal with the demands of the patriarchal society we live in to “be a man”. Lead vocalist George describes the lyrics as; “The realisation of feelings of inadequacy and toxic masculinity. The lyrics long for the feeling of being this King of the Jungle, but instead reflect the feeling of someone who has spent their life as anything but. Someone who has spent the majority of their life in their imagination, but instead realises that they are out of their depth and needing to embrace reality”. Uncle Buzzard are a band on fire and in possession of an obscene amount of talent. The production on this song is close to perfect as are the Beach Boyesque harmonies, particularly on the blissful and heavenly fade out.

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