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“I guess nobody ever really done me, ooh like she done me, she done me good” July 11, 2014

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US TV company NBC are putting together a drama about the Beatles. Will it be any good? Well currently they don’t have the rights to use any of the Fab Four’s songs so I’m beginning to think that the show might not be very good!



“For well you know that it’s a fool who plays it cool” October 6, 2012

With all the Beatles activity to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the release of “Love Me DoBBC local radio stations polled 12,000 listeners to find out what their favourite Mop Tops song was. Incidentally I also joined those 50th anniversary celebrations with my post, click here to read it. My top ten would be very different. I also think that wheeling out Macca to maul “Hey Jude” at every opportunity this year (Jubilee, Olympics etc.) has really turned me off the song. But strangely that hasn’t been the impact for those who voted as it was their favourite! Here is the top ten;

Hey Jude
Let It Be
All You Need Is Love
Eleanor Rigby.
Here Comes The Sun
The Long And Winding Road
She Loves You
I Want To Hold Your Hand
Strawberry Fields Forever

My favourite Beatles song of all time is “Don’t Let Me Down”, followed closely by “In My Life”, “Revolution” and “Girl”. None of which made this top ten. I would certainly include “Eleanor Rigby”, “I Want To Hold Your Hand” and “Strawberry Fields Forever” as well. What are your favourite songs from the Fab Four? Here are my top 4 followed by the poll winning “Hey Jude”


“I guess nobody ever really done me, ooh like she done me, she done me good” July 18, 2011

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Mike Mitchell, an US photographer was on hand to take plenty of photographs of the Beatles in the so-called ‘invasion’ of the USA in 1964. However most were filed away for nearly 50 years. However they are now about to be auctioned at Christies. The fifty black and white pictures are expected to fetch in the region of £60,000. Click below to view them on the BBC, Yahoo, Christies and an excellent Beatles blog; Beatles Blogger.

BBC, Yahoo, Christies, BeatlesBlogger

Unfortunately I won’t be bidding, but this post does give me the opportunity to listen to my favourite Beatles song, “Don’t Let Me Down


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