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With Just A Hint Of Mayhem – Singles Round-Up 2020 Part 16 October 28, 2020

Almost Halloween 2020, so I thought let’s have a monster singles round up with two in one week! This is our sixteenth singles round up of the year so far. This one features five great tracks, which were all fired kicking and screaming into the world in the past few weeks. These tracks are by acts from London (two of them), New York, Kansas and West Midlands (UK). Only one of these acts have appeared on With Just A Hint Of Mayhem before; Earthquake Lights, and I am extremely confident that all of them will appear again sometime in the future. Get on these songs immediately!

“When I Am King” – Barking Poets

London punks the Barking Poets released the anthemic “When I Am King last month. It is a fiery, full-on punk masterclass. The riffs are monumental and the politicised passionate anger shines through. Hailing from London, Bristol, Dublin and Barcelona Barking Poets are for real and will be around for a very long while. “When I Am King” is one of the best debut singles in years! The line “And now we’re not gonna take any more, Driving your thorn into this lion’s paw” may become my new mantra!

“Quarter To Midnight” – Earthquake Lights

This is kind of jazzy, lo-fi and cinematic all at the same time. The yearning vocals exude soul and pure passion. The playing is sublime and the production is crystal clear. Is this a band at the top of their game? Possibly, but I hope they have the space to reach even further!

“Born Lonely” – The Casket Lottery

This single is a taster from The Casket Lottery’s first album in eight years, which is due out next month. This is a full-on heavy riffing barnstormer of a song. Such a shame we had to wait eight years but the Casket Lottery are back with a multi megaton bang!

“Level 3” – Le Junk

Le Junk mess with many genres and this cracking single mixes synth pop, pure pop, orchestral and punk. I was reminded of a strange hybrid of the Stranglers and Depeche Mode at times. The sometimes disturbing video takes its direction from ‘Fight Club’ and manages to enhance “Level 3” to many levels beyond!

“Turn Off All Screens” – The New Consistent

Synth-Indie with what feels like real life and very personal lyrics from the New Consistent. Great soft pop hook and lyrics that Mike Skinner would be proud of. I reckon the New Consistent has the potential to be one of 2021’s big breakouts, I certainly hope so. We need more originality and reality like this!

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Earthquake Lights – “The Eight-one” March 22, 2019

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New York based experimental indie outfit, Earthquake Lights met while studying jazz at college. Their sound is a blending of folk and indie with elements of more outré genres (including jazz, obviously) finding their way into the sound. The first single from their forthcoming sophomore album, ‘Distress Signals’, “The Eight-one” begins with some lo-fi reversed string samples and some low-key keyboards before a shuffling, jazz-inspired rhythm section lopes along languidly (think “Knives Out” era Radiohead). Clean tone guitars pleasantly chime in and the vocals have a nice reverby, lo-fi feel to them. When everything is at its loudest together there is a great atmospheric, even anthemic quality to “The Eight-one”. The production is definitely geared towards the rhythm section, the bass and rhythm guitar taking up most of the listeners attention, though the other elements in the mix sound clear and unclouded. The unusual mix of cleanly produced music with lo-fi vocals gives the sound a DIY edge that enhances the songs qualities.

“The Eight-one” is available to stream now from all the usual locations (Spotify, iTunes etc.). The album, ‘Distress Signals’, is released on April 12th 2019.

This review was written by Tom Ray


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