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“(Hard)core Memory” – Glytsh June 10, 2022

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The new single kicks off with a deep almost doom-laden synth bass sound that lulls you into thinking this will be simply a very good synth-pop track. But then the screaming, angry industrial metal riffs and heavy, heavy vocals kick in and take things to another level completely. The guitar solos are reminiscent of classic 70s rock while the voices owe more to the likes of Hole and Bring Me The Horizon. They nailed their love of dark industrial rock to the wall with their recent, stunning cover of Nine Inch Nails “Closer”, Glytsh, (incidentally that is a great name), formed in 2021 and they are French singer Jennifer Diehl (a.k.a. Luna Blake) and Swiss guitarist Claire Genoud (a.k.a. Hella Sin). Based in London I think they are about to explode onto the scene in the form of a musical nuclear weapon. This band has power, darkness, passion, and raw talent. The video that accompanies the track is like a psychedelic 60s horror film outtake with a 21st Century soundtrack. I want more Glytsh and I want it NOW!

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