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“Above us only sky” January 24, 2015

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I really can’t bear John Lennon’s “Imagine” although I am a big fan of much of what Lennon has recorded solo and with the Beatles. I believe this dislike of “Imagine” puts me in a minority so I was very pleased to come across someone else who doesn’t like it. None other than the brilliant John Cooper-Clarke.


He says ‘I regret ever hearing it in the first place. It’s nausea-inducing. The shallow sentimentality of it is ghastly. When I heard it I thought, maybe he’s just never been any good’. He goes on ‘I love the Beatles and John is one of the great voices, so it’s tragic that he should put his name to such drivel. The fact that it’s Britain’s number one song is suicide-inducing’


Very well said in my opinion Mr Cooper-Clarke. How many you agree or disagree or don’t really give a crap about it?



“An eagle lands and a planet full of people raises it’s hands” Blog Advent Calendar Day 9 December 9, 2014


Here we are at December 9th and edging closer to the visit of the big, bearded, red-coated house burglar on 25th December. That also means that it is day 9 of this years advent blog posts. The theme if you are not a regular reader is the ABC of British bands and day 9 means that we are at the letter ‘I’. What delightful British band do I have for you today? Well it’s none other than the marvellous Inspiral Carpets.


The band was formed in Oldham in the early 80s by Graham Lambert and Stephen Holt. Strangely I went to school with a Stephen Holt and I worked with a Graham Lambert; sadly different people from the founders of the Inspiral Carpets though. The band’s biggest success came between 1989 and 1995 when they had 14 UK top 50 singles. The biggest of those was 1992’s “Dragging Me Down” which reached number 12. They were dropped by their label, Mute, in 1995 and they broke up a little while after that. They reformed in 2003 and are still together now.


You may know that the band once had a certain Noel Gallagher working for them as guitar tech/ roadie. Obviously before his Oasis days. The Inspirals drummer Craig Gill formed another band after the break up. That band were named after a Creedence Clearwater Revival song, Proud Mary. That band were eventually signed to Noel Gallagher’s Big Brother record label. Another Inspiral Carpets roadie, Mike Collins, went on to bigger things too. He joined the Charlatans in 1991. Collins also went to school with Paul ‘Bonehead’ Arthurs off of Oasis.

My favourite Inspiral Carpets song ever is “Saturn V”, what is yours?



“Pip Watts” May 3, 2010

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This is a little way from my usual type of post, although it is music related! Catwoman and I attended the wedding of some very good friends of ours at the weekend; Pip Watts and Simon Middlecote, now known as Mr & Mrs Middlecote. The venue was Moxhull Hall in the midlands. Truly a spectacular venue, which in fact is a specialist wedding venue rather than just a hotel

Even the weather was good for us, the rain held off until the evening when we were all under cover. Prior to an evening of not blaming it on the sunshine, not blaming it on the moonlight, not blaming it on the good times but blaming it on the boogie there were some truly wonderful moments. Pip walking up the aisle looking beautiful and accompanied by some brilliant attendants in Ben as page-boy, Hannah, Millie and Jo as bridesmaids. Hannah also brought her little pink pram full of teddies. Catwoman did one of the readings in the church; John Cooper-Clarke’s “I Wanna Be Yours” truly a wonderful ode to love.

But perhaps the finest moment and indeed the funniest moment came during the speeches, which incidentally were all very good, but none could surpass Simon’s grooms speech. He finished it with a self-penned ballad affirming his love for Pip in the most humourous way imaginable. But you don’t have to take my word for it, you can see the video below. Feel free to comment too, as this has the potential to go viral!


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