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‘Things That I Confuse’ EP – Spunsugar November 19, 2021

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Swedish pop trio Spunsugar have a new ep ‘Things That I Confuse’. Floaty driving pop with a hint of Cocteau twins and driving drums with buzzing bass tones propel “Hatchet Along”. Excellent vocal harmonies create a false sense of ease which is quickly dispelled by the dark nature of the lyric.
“Pink And Red” continues in the same vein. Cure like guitars carry the song along and a heavier touch sits nicely under the light touch vocals. “Things That I Confuse” is a very different animal to begin with and then locks back into the patterns established by earlier songs. The chorus is very effective with heavenly sounding choirs . The melodies on this EP are strong and the feel is one of dreamy euphoria with some excellent arrangements. I look forward to hearing where Spunsugar go to next.
Written by Paul Bamlett

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