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” You must explain why this must be Did you lie when you spoke to me?” Blog Advent Calendar Day 3 2014 December 3, 2014


December 3rd and day three of my ABC of British bands advent post for 2014. So as it’s day it must be the letter ‘C’. This sounds a bit like Sesame Street doesn’t it? Anyway today’s band is going to seem like an obvious choice for my regular readers; it’s the Clash.


I love the ‘London Calling‘ album and it often appears in many of the ‘best album’ lists that magazines publish when they run out of ideas. But did you know that it appears in the best albums of the 70s lists in the UK and the best albums of the 80s in the USA. This is because it came out in 1979 in the UK and it wasn’t released until 1980 in the UK.


Now I hope that you enjoy this little selection of Clash ditties that were hidden behind the little cardboard flap on the advent calendar for today.




“Just like Rogers and Astaire who found love without a care” October 22, 2013


Before he decided to “Dance, Dance, Dance, (Yowsah, Yowsah, Yowsah)” like “Le Freak” that he is, before he confided that he wanted our love and that we were his forbidden lover and before he suggested that “Everybody Dance” did you know what Nile Rodgers the Chicmeister did? well he was a part of soul group New York City whose biggest hit was “I’m Doing Fine Now”. well the job he had that fascinates me the most is that he was having his own “Good Times” as a member of the Sesame Street house band! I wonder if he worked on the show at the same time as Luther Vandross was singing there?

Nile Rodgers and Kermit Harry

Nile Rodgers and Kermit Harry



“There were promises made, Plans firmly laid, Now madness prevails, Lies fill the air” a.k.a six geese a laying December 18, 2012


It’s day six of my Christmas posts this year and that means it’s the turn of those six geese a laying. Now I must confess that no goose or geese songs sprang immediately to mind when I was doing the initial research for my 12 days of Christmas series of posts. However I have been able to find a couple of good songs for you. But before those songs how are our geese doing these days? Well the greylag which I’m told is the ancestor of most of our current domestic geese has quite a healthy population as does the pink-footed goose. . However the white-fronted goose, which visits the UK in winter has a shrinking population. I guess that means we’ll probably stick with the traditional roast turkey and not goose this year!

sweet honey 06

So on to those two goose related songs. Firstly it’s “Grey Goose” by Sweet Honey In The Rock. This group is all female, African-American and they sing a capella. They take their name from the bible, Psalm 81:16, which mentions a sweet, nurturing substance and the strength of rock. They have received several Grammy nominations since they formed nearly 40 years ago. They won a Grammy for the song I have chosen, which was originally by Leadbelly. The group also take a professional sign language interpreter on tour with them. Their vocals have also featured on Sesame Street.


The second of my goose related songs comes from Joan Armatrading, it’s called “The Flight Of The Wild Geese“. It was written for the 1978 film ‘The Wild Geese’ and can be heard on the opening and closing credits. The film starred Richard Burton, Roger Moore and Richard Harris. Joan has always been a great supporter of her fellow musicians and on her Starlight tour earlier this year the opening act was different at each of the 56 dates. Each gig had a local singer songwriter open the show. Some of the songs from those artists were later released on a compilation album on Joan’s Hypertension label. She also provided vocals on Queen’s ‘A Kind Of Magic’ album on the track “Don’t Lose Your Head”



“Call all you want but there’s no one home” July 5, 2010

Lady GaGa 'cracks' the 10 million mark

Is it just me or does this little piece of news seem a little weird to you as well? Lady GaGa has become the first living person to have more than 10 million FaceBook fans. But even stranger for me is that she is only in sixth place overall. The top 5 are Texas Hold ’em Poker, Michael Jackson, Mafia Wars, Facebook and the US TV show Family Guy. She recently overtook Barack Obama who languishes on a measly 9.8 million. I’m really pleased that Farmville doesn’t get a mention though. You can click here to read the story on the BBC’s Newsbeat.

Actual proof that Elmo is in fact a skinned Ewok

Whilst we’re talking strange here is another great story from Newsbeat; Elmo off of Sesame Street sings Beyonce and Alicia Keys whilst being interviewed by the delightful Natalie Jamieson. Click here to read it. I think I prefer his Beyonce to his Alicia. Does anyone really say Hubba Hubba anymore? Apart from Elmo obviously. Did you know that before he got his big break providing vocal arrangements and backing vocals for David Bowie on the ‘Young Americans’ album a certain Mr Luther Vandross wrote and sang for Sesame Street?

'Nuff Said!

And finally on this tour of some slightly odd stories we move on to Justin Bieber. The young Canadian’s Twitter page has been the subject of what I think is an excellent prank. With no restriction on the eligible countries his ‘fans’ were asked to vote for a country he should visit. Imageboard (wtf?) website 4Chan nominated North Korea and in the past couple of days the land of Kim Jong Il has moved from 24th place to 1st. Voting closes on July 7th, so come on, you know what to do, get on over and vote for North Korea!

There have also been some altogether more nasty hacks on his videos and such. These caused his YouTube videos to link to porn sites and spurred completely unfounded rumours that he was dead and that his Mum would be posing for Playboy. Click here for the story on the Beeb

Kim Jong Il (will he ever be known as Kim Jong Well?) contemplates the visit of Mr Bieber


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