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With Just A Hint Of Mayhem – Singles Round-Up 2020 Part 7 June 13, 2020

Barely halfway through June and here is our seventh singles round-up of 2020. This one features five cracking tunes, I love them!

These five tracks feature another eclectic mix of bands and singers from northeast UK, Houston, Detroit, London, and Scotland. All of these acts are new to With Just A Hint Of Mayhem and I reckon they will all feature again sometime in the future. Get on them now!

“Creep” – Anna Blaise

It takes a brave artist to cover Radiohead, many have tried and only some manage to pull it off. But Anna Blaise, a multi-talented singer from the northeast of the UK nails it with this gorgeous take on Radiohead’s “Creep”. For me, I expect a cover version to be much more than a facsimile of the original and this slow-paced, piano-driven ballad-style version of what might be the former On A Friday’s grungiest rock track. This is haunting, soulful, moody, and beautiful. I could definitely handle an album full of covers like this. Anna gives the song elegance, grace, and a refined delicate style. The perfect song to chill out and reflect on your day late in the evening.

“Not Even Close” – Kringe featuring BBY KODIE

The string sample has a real middle eastern feel to it giving a strange warped feel to the beat. Kringe is a young rapper from Houston who went somewhat viral with his song “Crowd Control” in 2019. I sense an affinity with British rapper Slowthai, although maybe less political and more aligned with the sounds of Drake. Kringe’s delivery is sharp and his rhymes are tight. His first album ‘Don’t Think Too Much’ released earlier this year is already building him a wider audience. I think he would fit well on the bill for Reading/ Leeds in 2021, maybe late afternoon on the BBC Radio 1 Stage.

“Up All Night” – Sara Marie Barron

Detroit artist Sara Marie Barron releases the first single from her sophomore album, ‘Existential Glam’ due out in September. “Up All Night” is a sophisticated, slinky, slow, and sexy slice of modern jazz-funk. Her band is incredibly tight and knows how to lay down a perfect groove. Barron’s vocals are perfect and handle this sultry, soulful ballad perfectly, at times her singing evokes Sade and Amy Winehouse. If the new album is half as good as this track it will be damned good!

“Okok” – Bokito

Despite the really exotic-sounding name Bokito are based in London and most of them hail from Ireland. “Okok” is s dreamy indie-pop anthem which slips into your head, almost unnoticed at first, but then it won’t leave. Frontman Moses’ voice runs the whole gamut from Jeff Buckley to David McAlmont via Brett Anderson. At times there is an African feel to the tune reminiscent of Vampire Weekend or Violet Contours. The song starts slow but builds into a magnificent crescendo. This track leaves me with a smile when it is over and on the evidence of “Okok” and some of their earlier songs I reckon they will be an absolute blast live!

“Elephants” – The Snuts

Scottish band the Snuts are back with a funky, jangly tune that is steeped in classic post-punk pop. A floor filler everywhere from the school disco all the way through to your grandmother’s 80th birthday party. This deserves to be a huge hit, it is miles ahead of much of today’s bland, formulaic pop fodder. “Elephants” also has the makings of a lasting festival anthem. Can we have the Snuts on all the major festival bills in 2021, please?

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“Sure, she’s got it all but baby is that really what you want?” December 30, 2012

2011 MTV Video Music Awards - Show

After continuing to pile on the sales throughout 2012 Adele’s ’21’ album, which was already the biggest selling long player of the new century, has now moved above Oasis’ ‘(What’s The Story) Morning Glory?‘ to reach number 4 in the best-selling UK albums of all time. It is also the second best-selling album in 2012  after Emeli Sande‘s ‘Our Version Of Events’. If it continues to sell at the same rate it is likely to become the 2nd best-selling UK album ever by this time next year. Not bad for an album that was only released in 2011 is it? Incidentally the best-selling UK album currently is Queen‘s ‘Greatest Hits‘.


At the same time as this excellent news, it has also been revealed that Adele’s ’21’ is the most returned and exchanged Christmas gift this year. Presumably because almost everyone in the country already has it. This is based on figures provided by the Music Magpie site. Emeli Sande was in second place with One Direction‘s (or Wand Erection as I like to call them) ‘Up All Night’ in third place. What album’s have you exchanged and why?


“And all those conversations are the secrets that I keep” November 20, 2012

WTF is this box with string on?

The chart topping double was always seen as a great achievement when I was a teenager. I seem to recall Rod Stewart taking it a step further by having the number one single and album in both the UK and the USA at one point. Has that ever been done since? I’m not sure. Anyway the singles and album chart double is back with a bang in the UK. Last week Robbie Williams hit the top of the singles chart with a song that reluctantly I have to admit to liking; “Candy”. He then doubled up by sitting on the album chart peak with his new album ‘Take The Crown‘.

Robbie when he was still on the throne

He may have taken the crown but his time on the throne was short-lived, the single is down to number six and the album to number five. But a new pretender has taken the throne, sadly it’s One Direction or Wand erection as an acquaintance of mine called them. Are the charts as important now after 60 years of existence. I think they are and I am bloody disappointed that this band of five pop muppets has achieved this feat. Particularly as it seems to me that  only one of them has a halfway decent voice. That’ll be you Harry Styles.

Their album is called ‘Take Me Home’ and I do wish that someone would. The single is called “Little Things” and on another sad note it’s an insipid cover of an Ed Sheeran song. But I guess Ed has to pay the bills. A previous One Direction single “Live While We’re Young” is still in the top 30 at number 26. While their first album ‘Up All Night’ continues to hang around the album chart at number 25. The pensioners are still hanging in there in the album charts though. Rod Stewart is at number two and the Rolling Stones are at number three, albeit with a Christmas album and yet another hits compilation respectively.

Middle finger? Which one is the middle one?


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