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“My Daddy was a Bankrobber” February 26, 2009

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Welcome back dear readers, I thought I’d throw in a free bonus post for you today. I was just thinking about the latest published horror stories from the banking industry, notably that bunch of bwankers at RBS and I thought how about a list of top 5 songs relating to the banking industry;

So here is my view;

1 “BankRobber” – The Clash

2 “Loser” – Beck

3 “Stand And Deliver” – Adam & the Ants

4 “Take That To The Bank” – Shalamar

5 “Money’s Too Tight To Mention” – Simply Red

I can think of plenty more but I would love to know what songs you guys would include

Let’s think about it as well, these banking and finance companies run up some of the biggest debts in history and then come cap in hand to various governments for a bail out. Fair enough so far, I wouldn’t want to see hundreds of employees who toil honestly lose their jobs. But then the bank big wigs decide that they should be still allowed to take their enormous bonuses. The guy who got RBS into this position has a bigger pension that most can even dream of. Hold on a cotton pickin’ minute here, I’m a taxpayer that is MY damned money he and others are getting! OK some perspective if I committed benefit fraud to the tune of just a few hundred pounds I might well be spending some time in prison, oh I’m sure I could ask for a bonus but I would imagine the response I would get would be more painful and embarrassing than dropping the soap in the prison showers

OK rant over so let’s listen to the Fun Boy Three with “The Lunatics Have Taken Over The Asylum” and fade out for a while!

Let’s get some comments going I’d love to hear your ideas for songs related to the current state of the banking industry


11 Responses to ““My Daddy was a Bankrobber””

  1. Mickelodeon Says:

    What about “There Goes A Tenner” by the one and only KaTe Bush? Three beeps means trouble’s coming!


    • justwilliam1959 Says:

      Not my favourite Abba song (that’s “The Name Of The Game”) but an excellent choice for the banking theme Marcy. Thanks 🙂


  2. Catwoman Says:

    What about “If I Were a Rich Man” from Fiddler on the Roof. Fiddler being the appropriate word!


    • justwilliam1959 Says:

      Catwoman I might have guessed that your choice would be from a musical, because you know how much I love musicals……..NOT!


    • justwilliam1959 Says:

      I absolutely love this song and I haven’t listened to it for ages, thanks again Marcy!


      • marcy Says:

        i am glad you liked it
        this song is the first song that came to mind
        had to really look for it especially after finding abba’s
        i forgot they even sang it lol


  3. marcy Says:

    can’t buy me love by the beatles


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