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“Cause only two of you had dinner, I found your credit card receipt” January 16, 2010

I was reading the Guardian newspaper earlier today and chanced upon a rather amusing article about the music tastes of what many might consider the more evil of our world leaders. The article itself can be found by clicking here.

I thought he might have been more of a Master Of Puppets period Metallica fan

In a nutshell here are the favourite artists of our favourite despots, or as one Guardian headline put it; The Axes Of Evil

Osama Bin Laden – Whitney Houston. So why don’t we send Whitney to the badlands between Afghanistan and Pakistan and just ask her to sing “Saving All My Love For You” especially for Osama. He’d be in her arms faster than a cruise missile

Where's Osama? Just send Whitney! It's not right but it's ok

Robert Mugabe – Cliff Richard. Now here’s the thing, apparently at the Zimbabwe Independence Concert in 1980 Mugabe was disappointed that Bob Marley was chosen to headline, he considered him somewhat scruffy and allegedly would have preferred the more wholesome Cliff Richard. Clearly Mugabe wasn’t aware of Bob Marley’s tireless efforts to gain justice for Africa. However I’m sure Mr Marley would be sickened by what Mugabe has done subsequently. Here is Bob Marley singing “Zimbabwe” in Zimbabwe in 1980

She said son you be a dictator boy and make your enemies paaaay! (to the tune of Sir Cliff's "Bachelor Boy")

Colonel Gaddafi – Lionel Richie. I can now imagine the Colonel rocking around his tent to Lionel’s “Dancing On The Ceiling” or perhaps “Machine Gun” by the Commodores might be more appropriate

Judging from his body guards you'd think he might have preferred the Supremes or the Three Degrees

Nick Griffin – Kate Rusby. Clearly a very, very, very long way from being a world leader, but definitely a bigoted racist arsehole who is not as bright as he thinks he is. It is interesting that his choice of British Folk Music is perhaps the whitest form of music in the UK. However even the folkies have a Folk Against Facism Movement. So once again the racist thugs of the BNP get it wrong. Maybe we should organise a Political Celebrity Death Match between Nick Griffin and Robert Mugabe, in the hope that both might pop their clogs

Nick was devastated when he realised he couldn't play his records because they were black, if only he'd bought the special edition white vinyl versions. Still he could now agree with the majority of people in Britain, that he is indeed a complete tosser

Kim Jong-Il – Eric Clapton. I wonder when we will hear them say Kim Jong-Well or will he always be sick? I can now only ever picture Kim as his puppet in the wonderful ‘Team America’ movie. I wonder what his favourite Clapton song is?

Kim always liked to listen to a bit of Slowhand when he took time for a little "Slow Hand" of his own 😉

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad – Chris De Burgh. A member of Dubya’s so called Axis Of Evil and potential owner of nuclear weapons. But frankly how can you take him seriously now you know he listens to that bloody awful “Lady In Red“?

Just one more dig at Lady In Red and I'll rip my wig off and shove it right where the nuclear reactors don't shine!


8 Responses to ““Cause only two of you had dinner, I found your credit card receipt””

  1. punkymama Says:

    Thank you I am crying from laughing so hard


    • justwilliam1959 Says:

      I read the article this morning and I just had to post after that. I also had a great deal of fun with it, especially the semi naked picture of Kim Jong-Il. I’m glad I made you laugh too 🙂


  2. hahah Witney Houston lol. Too funny, yes, she is the solution to our problems … perhaps she would be a suicide bomber for the US?


  3. This made my head go in about a thousand directions. It truly raises a lot of questions.


    • justwilliam1959 Says:

      It does raise many questions, but even so it is rather amusing in a sick kind of way. I still find the strangest thing is Robert Mugabe being a fan of clean living christian Cliff Richard! Did you read the whole of the article from the newspaper?


  4. ju Says:





    • justwilliam1959 Says:

      Oh dear a comment from the BNP. let me just say that unlike parties such as the BNP I believe in freedom of speech which is why I approved the previous comment. But categorically I do not and will not support them and I urge those of you of voting age in the UK to vote for anyone but the BNP. I also find it quite interesting that the person who supplied the comment has decided to remain anonymous, unless of course their real name is ‘J’, maybe they have delusions of being ‘Q’ in James Bond but don’t quite know the alphabet that far. Clearly they couldn’t figure out how to turn the CAPS Lock off either!

      Also there was a great piece in the Guardian recently about Billy Bragg confronting Richard Barnbrook a BNP representative about the St Georges Day celebrations. Billy pointed out that the racist doctrine of the BNP was somewhat flawed in it’s support of England’s patron Saint, St George, who was in fact Lebanese. Hmmmmmm how does that fit with the BNP view on pure British I wonder. You can read the story here. http://www.guardian.co.uk/politics/2010/apr/24/billy-bragg-barnbrook-st-george


  5. B.B. Says:

    Thanks for the link to Folk against Fascism.

    That’s right up my street –



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