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“You should see my, my little sis” February 15, 2013


Apparently there is now an App you can use to measure penis size. It comes from Hewlett-Packard and it’s called Chubby Checker. Unsurprisingly the real Chubby Checker is a little upset and he is suing them for $500m for causing irreparable damage to his reputation. Click here to read the story on the BBC website. Personally I can’t see why a tape measure isn’t good enough can you?

Wow has Chubby checked the Checker Pecker? If so then wow, it's either huge or he is a real braggart!

Wow has Chubby checked the Checker Pecker? If so then wow, it’s either huge or he is a real braggart!



2 Responses to ““You should see my, my little sis””

  1. barelyawakeinfrogpajamas Says:

    For more Chubby hijinks, you truly need to check out the full-page ad he took out in Billboard about ten years ago pleading his case for the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. He had a list of demands, including “To Place the “Twist” symbol that’s on Chubby Checker’s Beef Jerky, this statue on top of a thirty foot or so pedestal in the courtyard of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.”

    You can find the complete text here – http://www.wemadeout.com/miscellaneous/a-plea-to-the-nobel-prize-committee-by-chubby-checker/

    It’s truly worth the read as he aims even higher with regard to “The Twist” – “But lets face the truth. This is Nobel Prize Territory.”


    • justwilliam1959 Says:

      Truly priceless. Mr Checker clearly has an ego the size of a planet! Bloddy hilarious too. In fact any sympathy I felt towards him over ‘Peckergate’ is now limp and flaccid! I think HP should dose up their Chubby Checker App with Viagra and shove it up Chubby’s backside to prevent the sun from shining out of it!


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