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“Look for advice, be told more than twice by people all around” June 16, 2014

zap_softDid you know that Keith Albarn; Damon Albarn’s Dad was once the manager of Soft Machine? No? Nor did I until now. perhaps we need to push for a Soft Machine/ Blur collaboration, what do you think?

Gorillaz Visits Fuse TV


4 Responses to ““Look for advice, be told more than twice by people all around””

  1. Saw Soft Machine at the (late) Manchester Free Trade Hall, and they were LOUD. Some “people” didn’t like them, and to make their feelings clear they threw coins at the stage. Sad, but SF played on. It was a memorable gig though, which 99.9% appreciated.


    • I have never understood why people who clearly don’t like a band;
      a) are there in the first place
      b) don’t just leave the venue
      c) stay and put up some pathetic protest



  2. Aldoux Says:

    As we say in Spanish spoken countries: “Cat’s son chases mouses”…


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