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“I thought it was the UK or just another country” March 28, 2015


As many of you are aware there will be a General Election in the UK in May. Well for the first time that I was granted the legal right to vote in 1977 I really cannot find any politician or party that inspires me enough to put my ‘X’ next to their name on May 7th. What are the main options?

Tories a.k.a Conservatives – I despise this party and I think hell might freeze over before I voted for them and Cameron is an incredibly weak leader in my opinion

Liberal Democrats – like many former Labour supporters who switched to them in 2010 I feel betrayed after they joined forces with the Tories. I hope Nick Clegg loses his seat, his party is as good as over.

Labour – lacking in direction when they should be crushing the other main parties. Sorry but they chose the wrong Milliband brother to lead them.

UKIP – Farage and his cronies? Why would anyone vote for this bunch of racist, Daily Mail supporters with no more than one policy

Greens – My heart says possibly but my brain says no. From what I’ve seen I don’t believe that they have the ability to lead or to influence a minority government

BNP – Fuck off you racist scumbags!

Obviously I can’t vote for the nationalist parties of Scotland, Northern Ireland or Wales as I am in England. I would have gone for the ‘None Of The Above’ movement but then I saw that they propose to actually stand candidates, that goes a lot against the grain for me. So all I hope is that the Monster Raving Looney Party are standing in my constituency or I may simply go along and spoil my ballot paper. The government do record and publish the number of spoiled ballots so perhaps that is the most effective protest that we have in this “democracy” of ours. What do you think and feel free to cast your vote in the poll.

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3 Responses to ““I thought it was the UK or just another country””

  1. Andy G Says:

    Spoiling your paper is idiotic. how about looking at who your local mp is and seeing what has been or not been done. Or vote tactically to keep the fucking tories out. Its such a privilege to be able to vote. Use it.


  2. It may seem idiotic but what other means do we have to protest? Other than not turning up then none. As for our MP he’s a Tory, Julian Sturdy and he has voted with the government on the majority of major issues. Lib Dems ran him close in 2010 but Labour hardly have a hope in hell. If I vote then I will be simply voting for the least worst candidate. If I vote tactically then I would probably have to vote LibDem or even UKIP to keep the Tories out in York Outer. Right now I feel a vote for Labour, Green, Monster Raving Looney here in this constituency will have exactly the same effect as not turning up or spoiling my ballot paper i.e. nothing will change. As for it being a privilege to vote, maybe, but perhaps it’s more of a right and I believe that I also have a right to abstain if I wish. So in a nutshell, I am undecided but veering towards a spoiled ballot or not turning up. Maybe the doorstepping of the parties will convince me, but then again no one came to us last time.


  3. Hi,

    may I suggest you do not waste your opportunity to influence our destiny by spoiling your ballot paper by sullying it with a mark against one of our present political wanabes on offer.

    Minded that ALL ballot papers that do not have a political hopeful nominated are sc rutinised by the Returning Officer, the staff at the count, the agents of all parties and the candidate + no doubt others may I suggest you write boldly on your paper what is in the best interests of these United Kingdoms our people, our commerce and our future:



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