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“We Are Chaos” – Marilyn Manson August 1, 2020

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There was me thinking that Brian Warner had gone off the boil and then he hits us with a new video for the title track from his new album which is due out in September. The song and the album are titled “We Are Chaos”. Welcome back Brian a.k.a. Marilyn Manson! Some years ago one of the more ridiculous groups in the USA formed to limit fun like Tipper Gore’s PMRC slammed Marilyn Manson for taking the name of what they saw as a very slutty Hollywood star, Marilyn Monroe. At the same time they never mentioned where the Manson part of his moniker came from. So from that I can only assume that protecting children from slutty women is more important than protecting them from serial killers? But these are the type of groups that blamed Marilyn Manson and others for every school shooting, put simply those type of people are pure crackpots and nutjobs! Back to the script though, the new album will be ace if this single is anything to go by!

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