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“We Are Chaos” – Marilyn Manson August 1, 2020

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There was me thinking that Brian Warner had gone off the boil and then he hits us with a new video for the title track from his new album which is due out in September. The song and the album are titled “We Are Chaos”. Welcome back Brian a.k.a. Marilyn Manson! Some years ago one of the more ridiculous groups in the USA formed to limit fun like Tipper Gore’s PMRC slammed Marilyn Manson for taking the name of what they saw as a very slutty Hollywood star, Marilyn Monroe. At the same time they never mentioned where the Manson part of his moniker came from. So from that I can only assume that protecting children from slutty women is more important than protecting them from serial killers? But these are the type of groups that blamed Marilyn Manson and others for every school shooting, put simply those type of people are pure crackpots and nutjobs! Back to the script though, the new album will be ace if this single is anything to go by!

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“Could laugh at the ocean just like the films” November 22, 2011

It’s not often lately that I learn a new bit of David Bowie trivia, but this week I certainly have. I was reading the recent Bowie special published by Uncut magazine, in particular a bit about Bowie’s film career. Now personally I don’t see him as a brilliant actor. I think he was superb in just three movies; ‘The Man Who fell To Earth‘, ‘Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence‘ and ‘The Hunger’. The rest I really can just take or leave.

He also auditioned for a role in ‘The Eagle Has Landed‘ as Max Radl, who was eventually played by Robert Duvall. John Sturges the director referred to Bowie’s audition as “the ego has landed”. But what I found really interesting, assuming that it’s true, is the three roles he supposedly turned down;

1) The Bond villain Max Zorrin in ‘A View To A Kill‘ (Eventually played by Christopher Walken)

2) Captain Hook in ‘Hook’ (Eventually played by Dustin Hoffman)

3) The Joker in Tim Burton‘s ‘Batman’ (Eventually played in a really over the top style by Jack Nicholson)

That is one hell of a selection in my opinion. Personally I think he might have made a good Bond villain and maybe could have brought some of his ‘Labyrinth’ character to the part of Captain Hook. But I believe he would have been awful as the Joker. What do you think dear readers?

Now obviously I wasn’t going to close this post with no Bowie songs was I? So here are a couple for you to enjoy!


“I was blind, now I can see, you made a believer out of me” February 7, 2011

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I was reading an article in last weeks NME in which they listed their view of the 50 druggiest albums ever recorded. Most of the usual suspects are included with Primal Scream‘s ‘Screamadelica’ making it to the top of the pile (or the bottom of this reverse order listing of course). The article also included a number of great little pieces of trivia. The one that really amused me was Fleetwood Mac, included at number 29 with their 1979 album ‘Tusk’. Apparently they were so full of coke they agreed that the album title would be the nickname that drummer and founder Mick Fleetwood called his todger. Whilst most normal people use simple terms like willy or cock, Mr Fleetwood prefers to call his manhood Tusk. Is it made of ivory with a sharp point? You have to hope not for any of his girlfriends or wives. So, and I may well regret this, what do you call yours?

As for the list, I’d like to know why the Eagles aren’t included, notably ‘Hotel California’

50 The Libertines – The Libertines
49 Oasis – Be Here Now
48 MGMT – Oracular Spectacular
47 Sex Pistols – Never Mind The Bollocks
46 Dr Dre – The Chronic
45 Klaxons – Surfing The Void
44 The Doors – The Doors
43 Brian Jonestown Massacre – Methodrone
42 Missy Elliott – Miss E…So Addictive
41 Guns ‘N’ Roses – Appetite For Destruction
40 Royal Trux – Twin Infinitives
39 Tricky – Maxinquaye
38 Jane’s Addiction – Ritual De Lo Habitual
37 The Birthday Party – Junk Yard
36 Pavement – Wowee Zowee
35 13th Floor Elevators – Easter Everywhere
34 Black Sabbath – Master of Reality
33 Neil Young – On the Beach
32 Babyshambles – Down In Albion
31 Bardo Pond – Bufo Alvarius
30 The Chemical Brothers – Exit Planet Dust
29 Fleetwood Mac – Tusk
28 Snoop Doggy Dogg – Doggystyle
27 Lou Reed – Metal Machine Music
26 Butthole Surfers – Locust Abortion Technician
25 Jefferson Airplane – Surrealistic Pillow
24 Ol’ Dirty Bastard – Nigga Please
23 Spacemen 3 – Taking Drugs To Make Music To Take Drugs To
22 Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers – L.A.M.F
21 David Bowie – Station To Station
20 Factory Floor – Untitled
19 Happy Mondays – Yes Please!
18 My Bloody Valentine – Loveless
17 Elton John – Madman Across The Water
16 Suede – Dog Man Star
15 The Stooges – Raw Power
14 Spiritualized – Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space
13 The Jesus and Mary Chain – Psychocandy
12 Cypress Hill – Black Sunday
11 Marilyn Manson – Antichrist Superstar
10 Pink Floyd – The Piper At The Gates of Dawn
09 The Jimi Hendrix Experience – Are You Experienced?
08 Lil WayneTha Carter III
07 Miles Davis – Kind of Blue
06 The Beatles – Revolver
05 Nirvana – In Utero
04 Sly and the Family Stone – There’s A Riot Goin’ On
03 The Velvet Underground – White Light/White Heat
02 The Rolling Stones – Exile on Main St
01 Primal Scream – Screamadelica


“A great philosopher once wrote, naughty, naughty, very naughty” November 25, 2010

It would appear that the Performing Rights Society recently undertook a survey to determine the most controversial song ever and surprisingly many of the usual suspects are in the top 10. Controversially I am still just a little under the influence so to speak 😉 Here is the top 10;

Smack My Bitch Up – Prodigy

God Save The Queen – Sex Pistols

Relax – Frankie Goes To Hollywood

Kim – Eminem

Killing In The Name – Rage Against The Machine

Ebeneezer Goode – The Shamen

Suicide SolutionOzzy Osbourne

Get Your Gunn – Marilyn Manson

Angel of Death – Slayer

Dear God – XTC

In my view the songs represent many people’s view of controversy, but not mine! I can see that people might have been angered and provoked by many things in their topics; religion, firearms, death/ suicide, drugs, violence, sex and being against the monarchy. Well maybe they’re right, but I for one do not think so, but it is, after all about the rock n roll! well not just the rock n roll but also the sex and drugs too. Hmmmmmm…… “Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll

I’m also surprised that there is no room for Max Romeo’s “Wet Dream“, Donna Summer‘s “Love To Love You Baby” and “Je T’Aime” from Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin. However there were only 1,700 people in the survey! read the story on the BBC here.


“Or at midnight it’s never too soon to wanna please you to wanna hold you” October 31, 2010

Are you sick of Halloween yet?

I know that for some of you this may be a little late, but I simply couldn’t resist a brief Halloween post! So here are five spooky songs for your horrific delectation………..Trick Or Treat!!!

Kicking off with the scariest of the bunch, Rob Zombie‘s White Zombie manage to turn KC and the Sunshine Band‘s “I’m Your Boogie Man” into a total scarefest. As a bonus you get a rather strange introduction by the bizarre Dr Spooky

Next up with the definitive version of “I Put A Spell On You” it’s the wonderful Screamin’ Jay Hawkins

Now I couldn’t have a Halloween post without the late, great Screaming Lord Sutch could I so here he is with “Jack The Ripper” and an added bonus of “Dracula’s Daughter

This next one is a disco guilty pleasure of mine, it’s “Soul Dracula” by Hot Blood, strangely enough after putting a stake in the charts with this they never came back, clearly not fully paid up members of the undead then were they?

Finally it’s Marilyn Manson (aka Brian Warner) with “This Is Halloween” from Tim Burton‘s rather splendid “A Nightmare Before Christmas” In fact the video features the movie.


“Silver Surfer and the ragged kid are all sad and rusted” October 29, 2010

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An US Research Scientist recently claimed that science is not very far away from being able to record dreams. His name is Dr Moran Cerf which sounds made up to me. You can probably get some good anagrams from it, I tried and came up with DREAM FOR SNR which I interpreted as dream for senior, i.e. dream for older people, i.e. me!

I’m not sure it would be a good thing, it might reveal your innermost thoughts to everyone and frankly it could destroy the porn industry too, everyone could just record their own personal fantasies! It really does take science way into the realms of science fiction. He does however state that the first step is to visualise dreams by a combination of recollection and brain activity. The actual recording is quite some way off. I’m pleased about that, I’m not sure I’d want my dreams available to all! What do you folks think?

Read the story on the BBC site by clicking here.

On a bizarre footnote as I was typing this WordPress showed the following proposed tags based upon what I had written; Dream, BBC, Neuron, Science Fiction and Brain. All of which make logical sense, but it also added Marilyn Monroe and the Eiffel Tower. Is it reaching into my dreams? I have certainly dreamt about Marilyn before, mostly in my teens! Anyway I deliberately haven’t added them as tags to this post.

As always this is at heart a music blog so please enjoy the following dream related songs and feel free to add your own via the comments facility. I started out expecting to put a top 10 together and appear to have ended up with 20, not all of which I like incidentally, but I’m sure there is at least one person out there that likes them! There is also one hidden dream song, the first person to tell me what it is and where it is in the post via the comments facility may win a prize!

All I Have To Do Is Dream” – Everly Brothers. Written by famous husband and wife songwriting team Felice and Boudleaux Bryant in 1958, Don and Phil’s version is probably the most well known although it has been covered by many acts. It was most recently used in the 2010 remake of ‘A Nightmare On Elm Street‘ where of course all Freddie Krueger has to do is dream to be able to kill

“Dreaming” – Blondie – Taken from the ‘Eat To The Beat’ album and released in 1979 and reached number 2 in the UK. As with many of Blondie’s hits it was written by Deborah Harry and Chris Stein. It has been covered by the Smashing Pumpkins, the Posies, Yo  La Tengo and Jeff Tweedy off of Wilco amongst others.

Dreaming” – Cliff Richard – The same title as the Blondie song but definitely not the same song! Cliff was never massively succesful in the US. “Devil Woman was a big hit and “Dreaming” also made number 10. Cliff is the only artist to have had UK number one hits in every decade since the UK charts began (50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s). None in the 10s yet though, but I reckon a Christmas team up with an X Factor winner would probably swing it.

Teenage Dream” – T Rex. Bolan’s chart success had started to wane by the time this was released in 1974, it still made UK number 2 though. It was also the first release that was credited to Marc Bolan and T Rex. It was taken from the wonderfully titled album ‘Zinc Alloy And The Hidden Riders Of Tomorrow

Dream Kid” – Sutherland Brothers and Quiver – Gavin and Ian Sutherland started life as a folk rock duo in the late 60s, they joined with Quiver in 1972 and sadly didn’t have massive chart success. But this song from 1973 remains one of my all time favourites.

“Don’t Dream It’s Over” – Crowded House – It was recorded in LA in 1986 and released in January 1987. The song was written by Neil Finn and was the first of the bands two US Top 40 hits. The song featured in the TV adaptation of Stephen King’s ‘The Stand’. It has been covered by quite a few artists. The Sixpence None The Richer version was very good, the Paul Young version was frankly…..crap!

Dreams” – Fleetwood Mac – This one’s a true classic from the  ‘Rumours’ album and was written by Stevie Nicks. The song was most famously covered by the Corrs and none other than Mick Fleetwood joined them to sing it at the Royal Albert Hall with them in 1998

Silver Dream Machine” – David Essex – This was recorded for David’s 1980 film ‘Silver Dream Racer‘. Not one of his better hits in my opinion. What do you folks think? (Especially you Ms Topsom!)

Boulevard Of Broken Dreams” – Green Day – This was taken from the bands excellent ‘American Idiot’ album. Billie Joe Armstrong wrote the song and was rather amusingly criticised by Noel Gallagher off of Oasis for ripping off one of his songs (the chord progression is very similar to “Wonderwall”)

Dreamer” – Supertramp. This was from the ‘Crime Of The Century’ album and was released in 1975. The B Side was another brilliant song; “Bloody Well Right” which was released as a single in its own right later that year.

In A Broken Dream” – Python Lee Jackson – Python Lee Jackson were an Australian band during the late 60s. They had a brief stay in the UK where they recorded this song with a then unknown vocalist, Rod Stewart. The single was a flop when it was released in 1968 but became a big success when it was rereleased in 1972.

I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night) – Electric Prunes – Perhaps one of the most fondly remembered psychedelic bands from the 60s. They had a song, “Kyrie Eleison” included on the ‘Easy Rider’ soundtrack. The band reformed in 2001 and are still touring.

“Daydream Believer” – Monkees – The song was written by John Stewart and the lead vocal was sung by Davy Jones. It was an US number 1 but only managed number 5 in the UK. Despite being effectively a manufactured boy band all four members actually played or sang on this song.

In Dreams” – Roy Orbison – The song was written by Orbison himself and he was able to demonstrate his amazing vocal range, he sings across two octaves. Roy said that the song came to him while he was a sleep and presumably while he was dreaming. David Lynch used the song in his film, ‘Blue Velvet’

“Never Had A Dream Come True” – Stevie Wonder – The song was released in 1970 before Stevie was able to take control of his own career, so it was not one of his own compositions. It was however a co-composition written along with Motown staff writers Henry Cosby and Sylvia Moy. The song was covered by the Jackson 5 for their first album.

Island Of Dreams” – Springfields – The group formed in 1960 when Mary ‘Dusty’ O’Brien and her brother Dion O’Brien teamed up with Tim Field. They all took on the Springfield. And that dear readers is how Dusty Springfield came to be!

“Teenage Dream” – Katy Perry – The same title as the T Rex song, but not the same at all. It was the second single taken from her 2010 album of the same name, following the worldwide smash that was “California Gurls”. I wonder if she’ll use her married name in future? Actually Katy Brand doesn’t sound bad does it?

“Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) – Eurythmics – This gave the band their only US number one when it was released in 1983. Marilyn Manson recorded an excellent cover of the song in which he changed some of the lyrics, adding lines like “I wanna use you and abuse you/I wanna know what’s inside you.”

Any Dream Will Do” – Jason Donovan – The song was written by Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber for their 1968 musical ‘Joseph And The Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat‘ which has gone on to massive success on stages all over the world. At various times it has been sung by everyone from Philip Schofield to Donny Osmond.

Dreaming Of Me” – Depeche Mode – This was the bands first single and was released in the UK in February 1981, strangely it was never commercially released in the US. It was written by Vince Clarke who went on to form Yazoo and Erasure.


“Are we living in a land where sex and horror are the new gods?” March 14, 2009

Welcome to the weekend good people, bad people and those who aren’t sure. It’s time to let your hair down for a couple of days, well metaphorically in my case! It’s 14th March and just one day away from those dastardly Ides, so remember to stay bewared so to speak.

Did you make a donation to Comic Relief yesterday? If not it’s not too late and if you did feel free to donate more. Just click here and remember just £5 will buy a mosquito net for an African child. This could help to eradicate Malaria which is one of the biggest killers of children in Africa. Just think that if everyone who read this blog yesterday donated just £1 that would total £450! For the latest update on Comic Relief click here, the ‘on the day total’ topped £57m!

I have a confession to make about last night’s show though and I can’t believe that I’m about to say this. But Robbie Williams was bloody good last night in the Little Britain sketch. To be fair he wasn’t singing, thankfully but nonetheless he was good. Click here to see the sketch. What do you think of it?

That little devil Robbie Williams raids the tranny dressing up box with David Walliams and Matt Lucas

That little devil Robbie Williams raids the tranny dressing up box with David Walliams and Matt Lucas

We continue todays post with a few contributions from some regular readers. Firstly thank you to Tom who passed on a great video and indeed a potentially great band today. We were talking at the Hospital Radio Station on Wednesday night about Ringo Starr’s solo efforts, which in my opinion have been somewhat patchy. Anyway Tom mentioned that there was an excellent video on YouTube promoting the current single from a band called Blame Ringo, click on the song title to see it, it is all filmed at the famous Abbey Road zebra crossing that was featured on the cover of the Beatles Abbey Road album. The song is called “Garble Arch (A Day In The Life Of Abbey Road)” So tell me, how many of you have had your picture taken on that crossing? Feel free to mail a copy to me and I’ll happily publish it in the blog for you. Blame Ringo’s website is pretty good too, click here to check it out.

This Beatles fan makes his feelings clear about Ringo having a bum deal even if he wasn't the best drummer in the band. To be fair Meg White wasn't the best drummer in the White Stripes either!

This Beatles fan makes his feelings clear about Ringo having a bum deal even if he wasn't the best drummer in the band. To be fair Meg White wasn't the best drummer in the White Stripes either!

I found this while I was searching for a Blame Ringo picture. So I had to include it. Why? Because I can of course!

I found this while I was searching for a Blame Ringo picture. So I had to include it. Why? Because I can of course! Indeed it even features Catwoman as well

Secondly here’s a great tip off from Nick H who lives in what used to be the hometown of Mary Shelley who wrote the rather spiffing Frankenstein. Nick has given us an excellent link to a brilliant cover of Gary Numan’s “Are Friends Electric?” by Jack White’s new band ‘Dead Weather’. It consists of Jack himself, obviously, Allison Mosshart from the Kills on vocals, Jack Lawrence from the Raconteurs and Dean Fertita from Queens of the Stone Age. Click the song title for the video and click here for the band’s web site.

Jack tried to warn Allison that she was about to feel a little prick....... from the thorn bush of course, you readers are just sooooooo rude! ;-)

Jack tried to warn Allison that she was about to feel a little prick....... from the thorn bush of course, you readers are just sooooooo rude! 😉

And finally for those readers contributions here is a brief one from Marcy. She wanted me to let you know that she lives a mere stones throw (well if you can throw a stone 7.1 miles) from Mr Davy Jones off of the Monkees. Davy also plays a few shows in Marcy’s home town too. Do any other readers live near a celebrity? Let me know and maybe I can include it in a future post

A horse walks into Davy's Bar and orders a beer, Davy serves him and says "why the long face?"

A horse walks into Davy's Bar and orders a beer, Davy serves him and says "why the long face?"

Anyway let’s move on with the trivia and useful/ useless (delete as appropriate) information for today.

Firstly the birthdays and today is the 63rd birthday of Jim Pons who was the bass player for classic 60s band the Turtles who had a massive hit with the classic (ok so I’ve overdone the classic superlative, so what?) “Happy Together”. Jim didn’t join the band until after that though. He was also a member of Frank Zappa’s Mothers Of Invention. The Turtles first hit was a cover of Bob Dylan’s “It Ain’t Me Babe”. Before this they were called Crossfires From The Planet Mars. Another classic Turtles hit was “She’d Rather Be with Me” which does indeed feature Jim on bass.

Everyone else had walked across the Abbey Road crossing, but the Turtles had to show off by crawling across

Everyone else had walked across the Abbey Road crossing, but the Turtles had to show off by crawling across

The second and last of our birthdays today is the 26th birthday of Jordan Taylor Hanson. He was, somewhat obviously, a member of Hanson who had a massive hit with “MMMBop“. I must confess that I love that song, a true guilty pleasure is that one I suppose. Does anyone else admit to liking it? Jordan preferred to be known by his middle name Taylor and he was just 14 at the height of “MMMBop’s” success. The band have the honour of appearing twice in TV’s Celebrity Death Match. The first time they fought the Spice Girls and both they and the Spice Girls were killed by a chainsaw toting Marilyn Manson. Bizarrely they came back for a rematch with Manson (hey I wonder if it was billed as Manson vs Hanson?), they lost again after Zac Hanson lost control of the chainsaw. Please note that Celebrity Death Match was not real and no stars were harmed during the making of it. Although there are some I would like to see on a real version! any guesses or suggestions? Incidentally fact fans, “MMMBop” has been featured as House’s mobile phone ring tone in House MD.

On further investigation it became clear that Hanson were in fact Triamese twins who shared four legs and three heads

On further investigation it became clear that Hanson were in fact Triamese twins who shared four legs and three heads

On this day in 1985 the mighty Frankie Goes To Hollywood played a show at the Sheffield City Hall in the UK. The band were absolutely mega in 84/ 85 with their first three singles all reaching number one in the UK. At that point they were only the second group ever to achieve that feat after Gerry and the Pacemakers in the 60s. There are various stories as to how the band got their name all relate to a newspaper or magazine headline of a star going to Hollywood. To be perfectly Frank it was one of the following Franks; Frank Sinatra, Frankie Vaughan (one of my Mum’s favourite singers!) or English comedian Frankie Howard (titter ye not!). “Relax” had reached number 6 in the UK charts after an appearance on Top Of The Pops and then the infamous Mike Read banning incident occurred. Allegedly Mike objected to the sexual content of the lyric, this of course gave the band and the song such publicity it shot to (read no innuendo into that smutty people) number one, where it stayed for 5 weeks. The follow up “Two Tribes” went to number one and stayed there for a phenomenal 9 weeks at the same time “Relax” climbed back to number 2. The third single “The Power Of Love” was number one for a short period in December 1984. It’s nativity themed video means that is still seen as a Christmas song by many, but I’m not convinced! The rise of Frankie also led to a proliferation of ‘FRANKIE SAY……’ Tee shirts. Here are the Frankie’s with “Relax” on Channel 4’s the Tube in late 1983.

They had reached page 42 in the Kama Sutra but now neither i=of them had a hand free to turn to the next page

They had reached page 42 in the Kama Sutra but now neither of them had a hand free to turn to the next page

And finally on this day in 1991 REM played the first of two nights at London’s Borderline billed as Bingo Hand Job. Not only did they come up with a different name for the band they also gave each other new names for the shows; Michael Stipe was the Reverend Bingo, Peter Buck became Raoul, Bill Berry was the Doc and Mike Mills had the honour (?) of being Stinky. Out of those I would rather have been called the Reverend Bingo but a number of people have told me that Stinky would be more appropriate. Hmmmmmm I’m not sure why that is 😉 Anyway to finish here are REM with the Muppets on a cracking version of “Furry Happy Monsters

Michael had heard that many dog owners resembled their dogs, but.......

Michael had heard that many dog owners resembled their dogs, but.......

..... he hadn't realised that he was starting to look like his gargoyle!

..... he hadn't realised that he was starting to look like his gargoyle!


“When I am faraway, I feel the rainfall of another planet” March 6, 2009

Hi people, this may be the last post for a few days, but then again it might not! If it is I’ll see you all again Monday or Tuesday, either way have a great weekend.

OK I know it’s not music related but one of this blogs regular readers has informed me that earlier this week she cupped the medals of an Olympian in her very own hands! Don’t be rude now I meant that she was able to hold Matthew Pinsent’s Olympic Rowing medals when he visited her place of work on Tuesday. The lucky lady is Karen McP. If anyone else has any celebrity stories they would like to tell me about then please do!

One of my favourite e mails of the week arrives on a Thursday and it comes from those wonderful people at Popbitch. If you like gossip, jokes, a good laugh and you’re not easily offended why not sign up for it? Here is a very inoffensive piece from this weeks mail. “Did you know Yazz’s The Only Way Is Up was a cover? Mississippi born soul and gospel star Otis Clay first released it in 1982. (just click on the song you want to hear to play) http://www.popbitch.com/home/popbits ” I copied this verbatim from the mail but the link also let’s you hear Jackie DeShannon’s original of Kim Carne’s hit “Bette Davis Eyes” Well worth checking out

This next link also came via Popbitch “Pirates In Somalia” click on the name to get to it. If you’re familiar with Weebl’s Stuff you’ll recognise the theme, but there is an element of political comment on this one too, let me know what you think

Hot off the press, well to be honest it’s a bit lukewarm really, but anyway if you haven’t seen the news yet, Michael Jackson is doing at least 10 shows at the O2 Arena in London this summer. I reckon that they will be;

  1. Spectacularly good
  2. Painfully embarrassing
  3. Or that Jacko won’t show

What do you think? Click here for the BBC report on the announcement

So onto those all important birthdays, it’s March 6th 2009 and today is th 64th birthday of Hugh Grundy. He was the drummer with the rather spiffing 60’s band the Zombies. Hugh was part of the original band which was formed at St Albans Grammar School in the UK in 1963. The other members included Colin Blunstone who went on to success as a solo artist and Rod Argent who went on to form Argent. Before adopting the excellent name of the Zombies the boys had considered the Sundowners (nope I don’t like that) and the Mustangs (not bad!). They used to get to their gigs in an old red and white ice cream van. I wonder if they switched on the bell to let the fans know they were coming or whether they perhaps sold ice creams in the interval? Their first major gig was at the Watford Town Hall in Hertfordshire in 1963. In 1964 at the same venue they won ‘Herts Beat’ which nowadays would probably be called a battle of the bands. The prize was an audition with Decca Records, which they passed! Their debut single later in 1964 was the classic “She’s Not There” covered some years later by Santana. The Zombies version reached number two in the US but could only muster number 12 in the UK. Hugh went on to work in A & R at CBS after his time with the band. Here are the band with the classic “Time Of The Season

let's be honest these aren't the scariest zombies you've ever seen are they?

let's be honest these aren't the scariest zombies you've ever seen are they?

The second and last of the birthdays today is that of the delightful Ms Kiki Dee, Happy 62nd Birthday Kiki. To her Mum and Dad she wasn’t known as Kiki though, she was called Pauline Matthews and she was born near Bradford in Yorkshire in the UK. When asked what they know about Kiki most people will say “that duet of Don’t Go Breaking My Heart she did with Elton John” I just asked Catwoman that very question and got pretty much that answer! Incidentally that was Elton’s first ever UK number one single when it hit the top in 1976. But back to Kiki as there is much more to her, did you know for example that she was the first white British Artist to be signed to Motown Records? Well she was and she released her first Motown single in 1970 although it wasn’t a hit. She later sign to Elton’s Rocket Records. Here is Kiki with my favourite song of hers “Amoreuse” from 1973. It was written by French singer songwriter Veronique Sanson.

Kiki tried to soldier on but it was quite clear to the audience that she had lost her microphone

Kiki tried to soldier on but it was quite clear to the audience that she had lost her microphone

On this very day in 1961 George Formby Jr died aged just 57. His father was a very famous musical hall comedian also known as George Formby. George Jr’s real name was George Hoy Booth and he was born in Wigan in Lancashire. Formby was a master of the double entendre which is a mainstay of much British humour. In the 1930’s his song “With Me little Stick Of Blackpool Rock” was banned by the BBC for being too rude! How very tame it all sounds now! here is the man himself with “When I’m Cleaning Windows

The girls had come from far and wide to catch a glimpse of George's "little stick of Blackpool rock"

The girls had come from far and wide to catch a glimpse of George's "little stick of Blackpool rock"

On this day in 1970 Charles Manson (yes the evil murderous one) released his album “Lies” on Awareness Records. However he was unable to promote the disc as he was serving a life sentence for his part in what have become known as the Sharon Tate murders. Manson spent some time in the 60s living with and recording with Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys. He recorded quite a few songs and some have been covered by contemporary artists like Guns n Roses and Marilyn Manson who as you may have guessed took the second part of his name from the infamous killer. Charles Manson claimed to hear a lot of messages in the Beatles White Album, particularly songs like “Piggies” and “Helter Skelter”. When U2 covered “Helter Skelter” on the Rattle And Hum tour Bono introduced it by saying he was reclaiming the song on behalf of the Beatles. I have decided to add no music or picture to the Charles Manson piece, I hope that you all understand

On this day in 2004 Lionel Richie’s now ex-wife went to court asking for
$300,000 per month in maintenance payments. This included;

  • $20k per year on plastic surgery
  • $15k per month on clothing, shoes and accessories
  • $5k per month on jewellery
  • $0.6k per month on massages

She obviously has a very hard life! With that kind of money I bet she was ready to go “Running With The Night” “Dancing On The Ceiling” “All Night Long”, she was certainly no “Penny Lover” and I reckon that money is much much more than “Three Times A Lady’s” normal pay. “Hello” did that make any sense.

Anyway here is Lionel with the Commodores singing my fave Commodores song and one which is another of the 50 songs in my top 10, ladies and gentlemen of the Blogworld I give you “Just To Be Close To You

One of these men is a waxwork dummy, can you tell which one? ;-)

One of these men is a waxwork dummy, can you tell which one? 😉


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