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“Belladonna” – Pick The Flowers September 5, 2020

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Chloe Munt the electrifying lead singer and spectacular front woman of one of York’s finest bands, My Wonderful Daze has a new solo single out as Pick The Flowers. It is called “Belladonna” and just like her band it pretty much defies genre boxes. It has an electronic dance vibe with a kind of chilled lofi attitude. Belladonna is the name for one of the most poisonous plants on the planet, Deadly Nightshade and it is also Italian for beautiful lady. A single leaf off the plant is enough to kill a healthy adult due to the high concentrations of alkaloid toxins which cause havoc in the nervous system. The word itself is a a total contrast and it is this that Pick The Flower’s lyrics for “Belladonna” deal with. Particularly, I believe, the contradictions that exist in a relationship considering both the beauty and the toxicity that can exist in any relationship or tryst between two people. There is dark passion, frailty and venom in the lyrics. “Belladonna” is an absorbing tune the roots of which slide unnoticed into your temporal lobe and make a home there. So from the name of a killer plant comes a killer single. This song is the vanguard of something very special from Pick The Flowers, bring on the album!

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