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Bluetones (Acoustic) – Fulford Arms, York – Friday 1th April 2023 April 28, 2023

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Many years ago, I saw the Bluetones (at Reading Festival 2000), so I jumped at the chance to see them play an acoustic set at the fabulous Fulford Arms in York. But before we get to them let me tell you about the support acts. First on stage was Pete Lambert, he is a folky storyteller with an exquisite skill for weaving great tales with his lyrics. I really loved “Ghost” and the bluegrass styled “Without The Whiskey” was a fine way to end a delightful but short set. He was followed onto the stage by Lissy Taylor, she is a wonderfully charismatic singer from Manchester. “She’s A Stunner” and “Healer” were outstanding and her cover of Amy Winehouse’s “Back To Black” was a great version of a classic tune. Before I get to the Bluetones I need to have a little rant. Why do so many punters at gigs talk loudly and persistently when an act, particularly a support artist, is on stage? Why don’t they just go to the pub?

This acoustic gig featured 50% of the Bluetones, which was Mark Morriss and Adam Devlin. Morriss announced it as a game of two halves with set 1 featuring no hits and a 2nd set after a cigarette break with all the hits. Although that was not strictly true as part 1 included some loud and enthusiastic crowd singalongs to “Down At The Reservoir”, “Bluetonic” and “Cut Some Rug”. The high point of the first half for me was “Carry Me Home”. But the one that seemed to hit the capacity crowd right in the heart was “A Parting Gesture” from the band’s debut album ‘Expecting To Fly’ from 27 years ago. After a brief nicotine break, Mark and Adam took the stage for the 2nd set. The cover of the Flying Burrito Brothers, “Hot Burrito #1” (a favourite song of Morriss for 30 years) was stylish and sublime. “Into The Red”, a song about the last great recession taken from the band’s last studio album ‘A New Athens’ sadly is still so relevant. But maybe that is helped by the fact that it is a great song. Incidentally, that last album was released in 2010, when will we see the next one lads? Thehighlight of the second half for me was “Keep The Home Fires Burning”. The one song that will probably never be left off a Bluetones setlist is “A Slight Return” and for this show, it was an absolute peak for a peach of a song which was probably the most popular tune of the night. The Fulford Arms roof was close to being lifted by 150 souls singing the magnificent refrain “You don’t have to have the solution. You’ve got to understand the problem. And don’t go hoping for a miracle. All this will fade away. So I’m coming home. I’m coming home” I was singing it in the car all the way home too. “A Slight Return” is the Bluetones song that even people who claim not to remember the Bluetones know. An intimate and perfect acoustic show from half of a great band. There a still a few dates left on this acoustic tour, grab yourself a ticket if you can, it will definitely be a worthwhile purchase!

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Apollo Festival 2014 – York – Saturday 21st June June 30, 2014



Unfortunately I was unable to attend last years Apollo Festival so I was quite excited about this one. On another unfortunate note for various reasons I ended up having to miss the set from Reverend and the Makers who headlined the day. But I did get to see absolutely loads of great music and I do hope to be back next year. This time for the full day!

I spent the day with my wonderful wife Catherine (regular readers will know her as Catwoman and our good friends Caron and John and their beautiful daughter Amelia. Catwoman and me are Odd parents to Amelia. the first stage we visited was the Access To Music Stage. Ruby was playing when we arrived, she looked very young, but she was also very, very good. Her own material had some very mature lyrics for someone so young and she even made an Olly Murs song sound good when she covered “Troublemaker”. We stayed in place to see the next act; Laura. Does nobody bother with surnames any more? Laura has an excellent voice and some great songs of her own. She also played two well-chosen and extremely well done covers. The first was the Beatles “Blackbird” and she finished her set with a storming acoustic cover of the Gnarls Barkley modern classic “Crazy”.


We wandered over to the Main Stage next where we saw We Could Be Astronauts last song. It was a pity that we weren’t able to see more because these guys sound bloody good! Redstar from Huddersfield were next and it would be difficult to find any fault with this superb band. Their playing is on the button and really tight. The vocalist has all the traits of a great front man and he backs that up with a great rock voice. Their songs are pretty damned good too. I reckon there may be some Kasabianesque influences in there and they made me think of what Beady Eye could have been had Liam retained any talent. But that is small stuff, they are very much their own band. The free CD album they handed out to us punters is brilliant and has been on heavy rotation in my car since the show. Chris Helme former singer of John Squire‘s first post Stone Roses project the Seahorses was next. he is clearly a talented bloke with a good voice but I found him a little dull.

It was back to the Access To Music Stage next where we saw the fabulous Barcode Zebra. probably the funkiest band of the day. A truly stupendous rhythm section and a vocalist for whom a description of awesome might not be quite enough. They are playing in York at a launch of their new EP in July and sadly I will be away that weekend. I would definitely pay to see this band again. also if you’re reading this good people of Barcode Zebra I would love to do an interview with you for this blog!

The Entertainment Co Stage was our next port of call where we found it impossible not to dance and sing along to the curators of that stage; The Entertainment Company! They don’t just play cover versions they own them! Are they the best party band ever? ¬†Very probably! shall we book them for Catwoman’s 50th birthday party (yes she doesn’t look even close to 50 does she)? I hope they do private party bookings because I’d love them to play for us in September 2016!

After that it was a return to the Main Stage where we saw the Black Delta Movement. We didn’t catch their whole set but they come across as very accomplished rockers with a swampy blues rock feel. Not bad at all. Former Bluetones frontman the ‘Legendary’ Mark Morriss was on next with a rather brilliant acoustic set. He is wonderfully self-deprecating and even his new songs have an air of classics about them.

Next it was a quick jog back to the Entertainment Co Stage where we were hoping to see the highly recommended And The Hangnails (thank you Mr Pattinson). before they took to the stage those wonderful people from the Entertainment Company had allowed a young singer from LA to play a few songs. His name is Ben Caron and he is soulful and funky. A bit like Bruno Mars but with more of an R & B edge. He has a truly great voice with which he wowed the all too small crowd. I bought his album, a steal at ¬£7 and he struck me as a really good bloke too. You really should check him out. And The Hangails came on the stage and it is fair to say that for just two people they make a massive noise. I don’t mean that in a negative way either, this pair know how to rock. I sensed some influence from the likes of the White Stripes, the Black Keys and the Strokes. Would I pay to see this mighty duo again? Hell yeah!

Target By Numbers were next on the Access To Music Stage. Good musicians and some ok songs, but they really didn’t do it for me. The last band we saw on the day was the Supermodels on the Main Stage. They are a covers band, but to simply say that really doesn’t do them justice. They cover some classic rock songs with such verve and talent that you could almost imagine you were listening to the real thing if your eyes were shut. Their cover of the Who’s “Baba O’Riley” would give Daltrey and Townshend a run for their money. I really want to see them play again. Sadly we had to leave just before the Supermodels left the stage. But although we missed the headliners we had a fantastic day! well done to the organisers and for all the money raised for an excellent cause; the Smiley Riley Fund!



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