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‘It’s Raining On The Wrong Side Of The Window’ EP – Glass Peaks June 18, 2020

Glass Peaks debut EP opens with a soundscape of ambient noise and bleeps. This leads us into “Sao Paulo” ,a great synth based song and a good opener.
An Interlude of ambient guitar takes us into “London Is Concrete” which has a gentle pop feel and an interesting vocal. “Never Really Left” has more upbeat feel and an anthemic Tears For Fears flavour with strong vocals. The next “Interlude” with more ambient sounds coupled with whispering voices leads into the final track the sublime title track, “It’s Raining On The Wrong Side Of The Window”. With beautifully balanced vocals this is the strongest track here and brings this multi faceted release to a close.

Very strong songwriting and excellent production add extra class to this superb EP. Featuring an eclectic and well chosen mix of genres on this evidence Glass Peaks can expect to achieve commercial success in the very near future.

Click here to listen to the EP on Spotify.

Written by Paul Bamlett

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With Just A Hint Of Mayhem – Singles Round-Up 2020 Part 5 May 14, 2020

How would you like another great batch of singles to listen to during this COVID-19 lockdown? You would? In that case here is our fifth 2020 singles round-up.

These five tracks feature another eclectic mix of bands and singers from London, Kent, Queensland (Australia), California (USA) and Brooklyn, NYC via Argentina and Colombia. Three of these acts are new to With Just A Hint Of Mayhem, apart from Glass Peaks and Tei Shi. Treat yourself to a great set of tunes below!

“Mid-Twenties (Acoustic)”Josh Collins

Josh released his first EP, ‘Porky Pies’ three years ago to great acclaim, Tom Robinson is a fan. This track is a stripped-back lo-fi song about coming to terms with getting older when you are still pretty young. His lyrics are spot on and Josh really can tell a decent story via a song. It is as though Jack Johnson wrote a tune using lyrics by Mike Skinner. There is a Jamie T element to his vocal but without that frenetic Jamie pace and that makes Josh come across more easily, he is, without doubt, a great singer. I love this song and I believe it is a portent to greater things to come in the future from Josh Collins.

“Elegant Vampires”Pattern Seeking Animals

California’s Pattern Seeking Animals have just released their third single of the year. It is taken from their forthcoming sophomore long player ‘Prehensile Tales’. The music has a mystical eastern feel and cinematic scope with Ted Leonard’s yearning and at times ethereal vocals adding to that beautiful mysticism. There are US east coast things going on here and also a big prog-rock influence. A great song which will I think be a part of a great album. The video, shot during the lockdown, is pretty good too.

“São Paulo”Glass Peaks

This is the first track launched from their new EP ‘It’s Raining On The Wrong Side of The Window’. It is a full-on blast of emotional rock that would compete with the Killers’ best output. Both Morcheeba and the Guillemots have recorded songs with the same title as this, but neither can touch this excellent tune from Glass Peaks. The production is crystal clear and showcases a band that gets better with each release.  Alfie Jefferies conveys every aspect and every layer that could possibly be experienced in a failed relationship in these sublime lyrics.

“Die 4 Ur Love”Tei Shi

I was lucky enough to review Tei Shi’s first album ‘Crawl Space’ back in 2017 and it was a great take on modern R & B sound. She has progressed fabulously and her second album ‘La Linda’. This new song takes her to another level, as a listener you are drawn in quickly by the thumping bass synth riff and perfectly syncopated percussion, which may be a drum machine. Her vocals are dreamy as they wash the track. Both the tune and Tei Shi’s vocal style is at times reminiscent of Madonna in her 90s dance pomp, with a little Janet Jackson thrown in. This track has the potential to be a total dance floor banger. The lyrics are pretty dark, but with such a singalong vibe. How about for obsidian dark words, “But I’d run for miles If you said you were waiting, Waiting on the other side, Waiting in the afterlife” She has previously collaborated with Glass Animals and Blood Orange. But right now I reckon she is ready for bigger things and surely global success is just around the corner!

“Bad Gas Travels Fast In A Small Town”Ten Ton Tinnies

If you like country and you like pop-punk, especially Bowling For Soup, you will love the Ten Ton Tinnies. “Bad Gas Travels Fast In A Small Town” is a potent combination of both genres which you cannot fail to be singing along to after just a couple of listens. The lyrics appear to be about life on the seedier side of the aforementioned fast gas small town. This is the Ten Ton Tinnies first single and frankly, I am already looking forward to their album.

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“I Hate Boris” December 9, 2019

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You might have heard that there is a General Election in the UK this week. It is perhaps the most important General Election in my lifetime. The current Tory government is becoming more extreme by the day and I fear for the future of my country if they win a majority this time around. They will destroy the very fabric of the UK; poverty will rise, homelessness will rise, the rich will get much, much richer, human rights will be marginalised, racism will become more rife, the NHS will be broken up. We cannot let this happen, help get the country off of life support and vote on Thursday. The UK is divided and the Tory Party have no chance of bringing us together. Vote with your conscience, vote with your heart, vote for future generations, vote tactically if that will help in your constituency. But please, get off your arse and vote, apathy allows the extremists into power!

This is a music site, so here are a few relatively recent protest songs for you to get in your head before Thursday. Featuring two of West London’s finest bands, hailing from Uxbridge, Boris Johnson’s constituency no less. Can Johnson be unseated? Anything is possible, just vote! Those two bands are The Tuts and Colour Me Wednesday by the way. Then there is an excellent solo song offered by the insanely talented Nadia one of the three sassy, smart and powerful women that are the aforementioned Tuts. Then there is the incredible slow burn psychedelia of London band Glass Peaks with “Architect” their scary dystopian vision and wonderful put down of the British Government. There is a great track, “Vote For Me” from the Specials ‘Encore’ album and you will hear from the rather clever Captain Ska. Finally, it is Madness with “The Bullingdon Boys”. There was me thinking the Nutty Boys had become a bit establishment, but this proves that they haven’t! I won’t patronise you by telling you who to vote for, but it is probably obvious from this post who I won’t be voting for and probably who I will be voting for!


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