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A Christmas Message From The Notorious Lightbulbs December 22, 2020

So many great bands and so many great Christmas messages, this one is from the Notorious Lightbulbs. This is their third appearance in these pages and there will certainly be more! Check out their fun Christmas message below. Also you need to get this band in your life, check out their socials below.




The Notorious Lightbulbs have a lot of plans for next year, so watch this space, and their social media obviously!

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With Just A Hint Of Mayhem – Singles Round-Up 2020 Part 12 September 5, 2020

Here we are with our twelfth singles round-up of 2020. This one features six great tunes, which found their way into the world over the past few weeks. These six tracks feature another great selection of bands and singers from Pickering, North East UK (via London), Middlesbrough, Switzerland, York and Norwich. Only two of these acts are new to With Just A Hint Of Mayhem and they are Andrei Poliakov and Mammal Hands and I am sure that they will all feature again sometime in the future. Get onto this batch of top tunes now!

“Turn Me Down” – Hunter Gatherer

Pickering in North Yorkshire has produced top cricketers and even a top snooker player. But now Pickering can lay claim to producing an incredible rock band, Hunter Gatherer. The boys are back with another cracking single. Full of gargantuan riffs and fine metal melodies. This lot are still on my list to see live post COVID-19.

“Dance Through This” – Notorious Lightbulbs

Those classy popsters Notorious Lightbulbs are back with a slice of pop dance perfection that will not fail to get your feet and body moving to its hooks and beats. “Dance Through This” is a magnificent feel good anthem with a golden groove that will leave you with a smile on your face.

“Say Nothing” – Swears

Coming out of Middlesbrough like a rogue steam train on speed Swears are talented grungey rockers. “Say Nothing” is the 2nd single taken from their debut EP ‘Seersucker’. It is a magnificent rock song that deals with mental health issues. At times they remind me of one of my favourite bands, Avalanche Party. Get Swears on your playlist now!

“Declaration Of Love In The Moonlight” – Andrei Poliakov

This is probably not my usual listening fare, but having it playing while sitting down to read late at night is refreshingly relaxing. It splices classical piano with jazz motifs. The feel of it suggests night time in the same way that its companion piece “Declaration Of Love In The Sunshine” suggests a warm leisurely summer day. Music to chill to, get yourself a cold drink, a comfortable chair and take a listen.

“Make It” – Jacob Clayton

Jacob’s first release “Inside Our Minds” suggested he might fit into the folk genre. But “Make It” busts right out of those genre boundaries. It is a chilled, electro styled tune that showcases the depth of talent and potential that Jacob has. He definitely deserves to be heard.

“Chaser” – Mammal Hands

Do you like electro? Do you like jazz? Can you imagine a jazz electro fusion sound? You can? Then you have just imagined what Mammal Hands sound like. As well as jazz and electro I sense an element of prog in what they do too, this is a vanguard release from their album which is due this month. It is a single that bodes well for the album in my opinion.

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Mayhem Virgins – Notorious Lightbulbs March 25, 2019

This is another post in the occasional Mayhem Virgins series of artists that are brand new to those of us who squat in the palatial squalor of Mayhem Towers. This time it is the turn of the wacky, punky combo known as Notorious Lightbulbs from the North East of England. The band is essentially a duo made up of Diego Wilde and Crystal Miss. They often collaborate with Danny ‘The Rain’ Allinson and he played or programmed all the drums on their new EP. It was absolute Twitter chance that I came across them after they liked and commented on a recent tweet from me about “Starz In Their Eyes” by Just Jack. I was hotly attracted by their marvellous, magical and magnificent song titles; “Sicadilly Pircus”, “Voodoo Stripper Junkie” and “Mountweazle” to name just a few. But song titles alone don’t make a great band do they? You have to be able to back it up with style, talent, pizazz and great tunes. Notorious Lightbulbs tick all the boxes on that score. Their new EP ‘Captain Mechanical’ is staggeringly good and deserves massive commercial success. Click here to check it out on Spotify.

The four track EP opens with the aforementioned “Voodoo Stripper Junkie” which slams into you like a runaway ten ton truck. This is perhaps the finest song about some kind of stripper since Mansun’s “Stripper Vicar”. It kicks off with a barrage of heavy punk style fuzzy riffs backed by some supremely tight drumming. There is a feel of early Arctic Monkeys here for me, although this has more punch and more electronica than those Sheffield lads did. The guitar solos could have stepped out of any number of 70s classic rock songs. There is an orchestral disco feel to “Far Out” somewhat akin to the Scissor Sisters and even M of “Pop Muzik” fame. The synth shapes on this stay with you long after the song is over. What can I say about “Mountweazle”? It is a splendorous mountain of a song which features a great vocal from Diego, perhaps the best on the EP, although that is a tough competition. I am ecstatically in love with the harmonies on closing track “Make Believe” especially the brief a capella moments.

Notorious Lightbulbs maintain a great air of mystery and are apparently never seen without their steampunk style glasses and hats. Rumour has it that they started life as a part of a creative group named ‘The Notorious Lightbulb Factory’ that wrote music for low-budget horror movies. As well as the new EP click here to check out some of their earlier material on SoundCloud. If you listen to this band and do not almost immediately love them then I suggest you check into hospital to have your musical taste operated on.


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