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“It’s hard to believe that there’s nobody out there, it’s hard to believe that I’m all alone” November 1, 2010

Hardly Wodka from Varrington is it?

This post will be made up of just a random selection of stuff, starting with P Diddy aka Puff Daddy aka Sean Puffy Combs aka Sean Combs etc. etc. Anyway Mr Diddyman has been the face of Ciroc vodka for some time and as an advertising campaign that has been rather successful. Pre Diddy sales were 60,000 cases per year and Post Diddy sales are 400,000 cases per year. Now that is a result! (Thank you to those nice people over at Popbitch for that information.

Some wonderful X Factor news to report. Joe McElderry‘s new single entered the UK chart at number 6 and then dropped to 20 a couple of weeks back! RESULT!

Now for some rather more amusing X Factor news. Did you watch Diana Vickers perform her new single on the show recently? Did you have any idea what she was singing about? No nor did I. But worry no more for help is at hand, click here to see it translated and watch carefully for the blatant steal from the Red Hot Chilli PeppersUnder The Bridge“.

Then there is some really weird news from the world of X Factor. Jedward have spent £3,000 on a bed sheet that was signed by Michael Jackson and MaCaulay Culkin. Whatever you might have thought of Jacko, that certainly seems a strange thing to do. Sleep innocently with a young ‘friend’ and then sign the sheet with them. But for me paying £3,000 for the sheet is even stranger! Read the story in the Guardian here.

Jedward audition for a part in a remake of the Deadly Bees

Meanwhile a final X Factor related story, Elton John has given his opinion of the show. He describes it as ‘boring, arse-paralysingly brain-crippling’ I have to say that I do agree with him, I just wish it wasn’t so bloody addictive! Read his comments in the Guardian by clicking here.

Here’s a great clip from a 1966 movie ‘The Deadly Bees‘ featuring the Birds proto R & B/ Mod band featuring Mr Ronnie Wood off of the Faces and the Rolling Stones. There has to be a joke about the Birds and the Bees here doesn’t there?

Did you ever wonder what kind of backstage riders your favourite bands have? Well check out a Blink 182 rider here at the Smoking Gun website. I guess there are not many bands who want X Rated lesbian porn and boxer shorts are there?

Finally check out this song from an artist that is very new to me, Lauren Pritchard. It’s called “Not The Drinking”


“Let’s talk about all the good things and the bad things that may be” March 28, 2009

Hello there dear readers how the devil are you on this fine Saturday (March 28th)? probably better than Britney I should wager. I have had the feeling for some time that she is being pushed back into centre stage way too early. I really don’t believe she is well yet and this clip suggest that I may be right. She was filmed at a gig on March 24th while singing “Do Something” she skips across the stage and shouts ‘Merry Christmas’ to the audience. Who is actually looking after her welfare is what I’d like to know? It seems to me that too many people will keep milking their Britney cash cow until she can’t be milked anymore. Click here to get to the clip from the NME site. But I would also be interested to know what you think so feel free to comment.

Just one birthday to cover today, it’s the big 40 for Cheryl James. Who is she? Well she is Salt off of Salt-N-Pepa. Pepa was Sandy Denton and the pair were joined in the band by Deidra ‘Dee Dee’ Roper also known as DJ Spinderella. Their first big chart hit was with “Push It” in 1987 which reached number 19 in the US and number 2 in the UK. The song was originally a b-side and started to gain a lot of radio airplay after it was remixed by San Francisco DJ Cameron Paul. The song has been covered and sampled by many other acts, indeed Girls Aloud played the song live on their 2008 tour. “Let’s Talk About Sex” also reached number 2 in the UK, sadly they never made number 1 in either the UK or the US but did reach the summit in other countries including the Netherlands and Germany. They also had a UK number 3 hit when they joined EnVogue for “Whatta Man”. But here they are with my fave “Let’s Talk About Sex

The girls did indeed "Push It" so much so that they ripped their jeans

The girls did indeed "Push It" so much so that they ripped their jeans

On this day in 1992 more than $100,000 worth of damage was caused at the Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre, California after Ozzy Osbourne invited the first two rows of the audience up on stage with him. Several others feeling somewhat left out also took up the offer and as the numbers grew the band were forced to leave the stage. Here is Ozzy with a classic solo single “Perry Mason

After a starter of bat Ozzy enjoyed a main course of '4 and 20 blackbirds baked in a pie'

After a starter of bat Ozzy enjoyed a main course of '4 and 20 blackbirds baked in a pie'

On this day in 2001 The artist formerly known as Sean Combs, Sean Puffy Combs, Sean John, Puffy, Puff and Puff Daddy amongst others told MTV that he now wanted to be known as P.Diddy. Then in 2005 he changed his stage name agin, this time to Diddy. Did he? Yes he Diddy! How soon before he joins Ken Dodd’s Diddy Men? Here is Mr Diddy whatever with “I’ll Be Missing You” which bizarrely became the theme for the period of Princess Diana’s mourning. I thought that was a remarkably strange outpouring of grief for the UK, what happened?

Diddy Daddy or whatever he calls himself had sat in the chair for so long it had begun to take him over

Diddy Daddy or whatever he calls himself had sat in the chair for so long it had begun to take him over


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